MONROE : Grinding it out in the Atl

Atlanta pop and rnb singer, MONROE is not your ordinary artist, that's for sure.
Prior to his breakthrough hit 'Let’s Make A Movie', a song that announced him on the musical scene, this is a guy who had at one time sold 40,000+ CD units on the streets, shot and directed his own videos and basically funded everything he did from his own pocket.

He is not just a talented singer but an artist whose grind and business acumen is something to be taken note of.

MONROE who has a brand new single out called "WISH I NEVER FELL IN LOVE" that he is getting ready to start promoting, narrated his story to Urban Craft from his base in ATL.

"I used to watch my mom perform as a child. She passed away when I was five. I performed at a few talent shows in Virginia with my friends. Then I joined this group called Another Episode, it was the three of us. We did a lot of shows and almost got signed to Warner Brothers. Then the group split up, so I took some voice lessons and went solo.
"I moved to Atlanta, GA and started recording my first single. “Roll With Me In ATL” it got reasonable airplay. On the other hand the single, 'Simply Monroe' sold 15,000 units straight out of my trunk on the streets. You can find that project on CD Baby and search Simply Monroe. After that I recorded some more songs and put out a Mix-tape “Welcome To My Private Party” and sold 30,000 units on the streets", said the pop/rnb artist.

It was shortly after this that a chance encounter was to not only change the musician's life forever but more importantly shape his career..
"It was then that I met a producer named Ty Cutta who is great and introduced me to another up and coming producer called JMils who produces for Young Bloods and has worked with the likes of Lil Jon, Cat Williams, and plenty of other major artists. I sung hooks for some of the artists they were working with. Then one day after I had just finished promoting my CD’s I got a call From JMils who told me to come by the studio because he had this beat he had made specifically for me. That led to my breakout single “Let’s Make A Movie” which was number #4 on national DRT Chart", said MONROE.

To this day, MONROE still looks upon this as ultimately his career-defining moment. It's amazing isn't it, how one mement or chance encounter can change your life?
"The most defining moment in my career would have to be when I got introduced to my producer, JMils. He believed in my talent and my grind. He new I was going to put the music out and not just have it sit, and I did just that", he said.

That is not to say the Virginia born-and-bred singer hasn't had other special moments to look back on and be proud.

"I performed at Isabel Sanford's mansion in Atlanta Ga. She played 'Weezy' on the Jeffersons. Her son Sanford had a pool party and invited me and my team to come through and perform.
"I remember also being invited to appear in the R&B singer Tony Terry's music video, that never got released, but I had fun.
"I was also featured on CRIBBS's project, one that featured Dj DRAMA, GUCCI MANE and WAKA FLOCKA. The song I was featured on was called MOVIE SCENE!", said MONROE.

It remains to be seen just how far his brand new single 'WISH I NEVER FELL IN LOVE" will go, but judging by his immense talent and strong desire to put everything he has behind his projects, it is sure to shake-up the industry in the coming months.

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