N-HANCE : Making Music that People Can Relate to

For Bedford, England rapper, Nate Austin aka N-Hance, making music is all about how relatable it is to your fans. It is the one thing that connects and strengthens that bond between a musician and his/her fans.

"The turning point for me was at a time when I was contemplating quitting music. I received an inbox message from someone telling me that a song I had made, had helped them through an emotionally challenging time. To me that was such a great feeling. As that was the reason I was making music.
"I originally started writing for therapeutic reasons. I have always found music to be a good release for the stresses of every day life. My songs always relate to a time in my life where struggles have been present.
"In all honesty, my goal is to just keep making honest, truthful and heartfelt music that people can relate to", said the 6th Floor Records signee.

Nate's hope is that his debut album, that he is currently putting the final touches to, will be the embodiment of everything that he just mentioned.
"I'm currently working on my first album. Which, like always, will be nothing but truthful, emotional and real content.
"There will be a few features on there as well from other artists, which is always good. I love to work with other people, especially those that can inspire you and help you progress.
"The beats on this album will all be produced by my producer 6th floor, who produces the vast majority of my tracks and the album itself will hopefully be finished by the end of year and be ready for release during the early part of 2019", he said.

If the streaming/downloading figures of his earlier mixtape are anything to go by, the rapper seems to have cemented a strong foundation and established quite the rapport with his fans!
"I released an EP that was downloaded over 49000 times. Which I still find crazy.
"The craziest thing is that every download I get I appreciate as much as the first ever download I had.
"Performing at a festival or two locally in front of thousands of people was also something that will always be a highlight for me personally", he said.
said Austin.

The rapper has also found favour with local and international media, something that has continued to propell him towards the limelight.
"I have had songs played on BBC radio, and a large number of stations globally and locally. Which is always much appreciated. I have also featured in UKB magazine, which is published in London and distributed in footlocker stores", said N-Hance.