Nyanda Foday Ready for the Big Stage

Emerging UK poet Nyanda Foday feels that it is time to take that all-important step in as far as her career is concerned.
Nyanda is of course a first year biology student and also coming towards the end of her second year as Young Poet Laureate of Birmingham.
She has, slowly but surely, been establishing herself in as far as her poetry is concerned over the years but now believes that the time is ripe to take her craft to an even wider audience, and rightly so!

Nyanda plans to take her talent to more_recognized poetry platforms across the UK and the City of Manchester, where she is now based, seems certainly like a good place to start!
"I plan on moving more into the greater Manchester area, exploring its poetry scene and establishing a name for myself outside my laureateship, since that is going away pretty soon", she said.

As intimidating as this next step in her career might seem, the young woman feels that she has had enough preparation and is raring to go.
"It’s quite intimidating, but I’m also looking forward to it, and feel that my two years as a Young Poet Laureate have given me some preparation for the wider poetry scene",
said Nyanda.

The journey so far has definitely had its special moments for Foday, some of which she herself described as being nothing short of 'incredible'. As such, she has a lot to look back on but also a lot more to look forward to.
"Through the laureateship, but also some connections to the Birmingham poetry scene, I’ve performed at a wide range of paid gigs, including Holocaust Memorial Day, the National Writer’s Conference, and various poetry nights. I was also in a slightly longer poetry show called Ten Letters before my laureateship.
"Both of the National Holocaust Memorial Days were incredible experiences to be a part of- the whole event is incredibly moving and tasteful, and you get to meet some amazing people. I also got to perform alongside Kaveh Akbar, who is a fantastic poet, in Waterstones Birmingham and with Raymond Antrobus at the RSC", said the poet.

Having just finished her exams, the poet sees this as an opportunity to fine-tune her craft in readiness for what's ahead.
"I will definitely be doing a lot of writing this summer and trying to diversify my content somewhat. Besides that I'll be performing on National Poetry Day at the changeover of Laureateship", she said.