Sindile : Bringing 'Dirty Diana' to Life

article by allistar marunya

"Dirty Diana" is the name of a song done by iconic American singer and arguably the greatest entertainer ever, Michael Jackson. It is taken off the King of Pop's seventh studio album, Bad, released by Epic Records back in 1988 and talks about a woman who is considered to be 'dangerously seductive', no man can resist her!

South African designer, Sindile Ramabele's upcoming lingerie and swimwear range is sure to go a long way in making a lot of women out there feel just as seductive!
The name alone is enough to paint vivid images in any person's mind and we are certain that it is going to be packed house when Ramabele launches her lingerie & swimwear line this September!

Since the fashion designing world is all about creativity and uniqueness, the designer said her focus was more on elegance, futuristic clothing, and that she liked taking risks when it came to her garments, something of which she believes makes her garments different from the others.
"I don't limit myself and focus on one style of clothing, I believe seasons, trends and times change so I always have to be one step ahead from what exists already in the fashion world. We are living in a time where people like exploring and experiencing new ways and new things, so I cannot be remote with my clothing" said Sindile.

With 5 years worth of experience under her belt, the Sewafrica Fashion College graduate hopes to use the launch of her lingerie line and the months to come to establish her brand.
"I want to be able to market myself and my the brand without any limit whatsoever in the next couple of years and work towards opening my first clothing boutique", she said.

Sindile is the founder and owner of her own fashion brand titled 'SPR DESIGNS' that was established in 2017 and caters for both male and female.

With her mum being a beauty queen, the 23 year old was always going to follow in those heels but she points out that her first love was and will always been fashion designing.

She has however had relative success on the commercial modelling scene since shr burst onto it as a 16 year old.
She has in recent times made inroads in as far as runway modelling and has strutted her stuff at a number of recognized events, among those, the Soweto Fashion Week.
"I've always had the love and passion for fashion and knew that was something that I wanted to focus my life on", said the fashion designer/model.