Taru Tuesday : The World is Tuned In

'Taru Tuesday' is the name of an engaging radio show that is streamed live from the University of Reading every week to an audience in Berkshire, London, Reading, Slough (England) and hosted by Rutendo Mataruka.
"Taru Tuesday is basically a show for the Zimbabwean student abroad. I find myself more involved with Zimbabwean culture now more than ever. And I found that to be true amongst my friends as well. Furthermore, university has resulted in my relationship with Christ strengthening. Taru Tuesday is basically an amalgamation of the two - God , Zimdancehall and laughter", said the host, who is currently in the second year of her undergraduate course and who, surprisingly, had no prior experience whasoever when it came to Radio or TV presenting.

"I joined Junction11 Radio because there was a lack of representation of African content", she pointed out.

The show has, without a doubt, made significant progress in terms of audience engagement and live streams as well. For Rutendo the increased interaction with her audience and continuous flow of feedback lets her know that she isdoing a great job.
"I absolutely love hearing from my listeners. One of my favourite moments happened a few weeks back.... Because it’s a radio show, I don’t actually see my listeners but they hear me and see me. I was walking around campus and a girl ran up to me . She mentioned that she listened to one of the episodes where I spoke about how 'with Jesus we can do it all'. She said that episode gave her the strength to push through her exams in the midst of all the pressures of university. She also offered to buy me lunch and THAT was great", she said.

Aside from providing entertainment, her goal for Taru Tuesday is to positively impact the lives of those on campus and spreading out into the greater world community.
"I do intend to have more guests on the show and I would want to have some episodes done in Zimbabwe too.
"My short term goal is definitely to impact people on campus. University makes you go through a lot of experiences and I believe that’s heightened by being thousands of kilometres away from home. It’s good to have a space where we can chill out every week and feel comfortable", said Mataruka.

Being in the position that she is and with the resources at her disposal, Rutendo believes that she also has a part to play in as far as the growth and recognition of the arts & entertainment scene back home.
"Long term , my aim is to change how the Zimbabwean creative scene is viewed abroad . I think Zimbabwean music, art and fashion amongst others is 'slept on'.
"I want the people in England and further out to see Zimbabwe the way I see it - a bright , vibrant and exciting place full of innovation and joy", said Rutendo

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