Things Looking Up for Gia

After years of grafting and doing everything she could to make a name for herself in the music business, Boston, Massachusetts guitarist Gia feels that things are finally looking up!
Many doors have opened up for the musician since she broke onto the scene a few years back and with her unquestionable talent, it's not hard to see why.
"I've been playing guitar for many years and I have come quite a long way in the industry but since I released my first music video, The Chase, back in 2013, many opportunities have come my way and plenty of exciting things have happened", she said.

Things have definitely been on the up n' up for Gia lately and they can only but get better from hereon, that's for sure! She has certainly laid a good foundation for a long and successful career in the entertainment industry.
"I have a huge internet presence and fans. My music videos have done extremely well and this has brought with it increased figures in as far as my fanbase, Internet radio airplay, some college and a few commercial stations have also played the songs.
"I've also had a lot of endorsements this year form companies, including my first custom shop signature guitar from Viper Guitars, I'm excited about all of that", said the guitarist.

"The journey has been a mixed one, it's a very hard industry to get noticed and make a living off of but I've seen marked improvements over the last couple of years", she added.

The musician credits her track 'The Chase' as being the turning point in her career, the one that virtually changed her fortunes over night!
"The turning point actually started with the release of The Chase music video, it got a huge response, not just from the fans but the market as well.
"The Chase ( Instrumental Music Video) was an Instrumental guitar song, with an upbeat groove and feel. Add to that a slap, tap, harmonic style that I sort of made my own, with nice phrasing, remmenscient of Van Halen, Satriani, Vai, with Beck, and Malmsteen too, thrown in. The song is about a car chase and the video fit the song exactly, with great shots in and around Boston", explained the musician.

Gia is certainly not one to rest on her laurels, if the details that she shared with us are anything to go by. She's definitely got a busy second half of the year ahead.
"I plan on recording more songs for our full length 9 to 10 song CD/DVD for my band  Devil In The Mist.
"Also plan on recording new instrumental song and music video called The Ladder and planning live shows, more NAMM performances and radio interviews. Plus a full length instrumental cd, an acoustic EP, doing a tour and see if we can get label interest.

Coming from a musician who once said that all she ever wanted was to be on the national circuit touring on a regular basis and having one or two hit songs, we cannot help but be excited at the thought of what she's going to do next!