Z Kid RSA is His Own Motivator!

By Zinhle Zimu

There's no denying that rap lyrical content of is more often than not, confronting, and in many instances it includes the glorification of violence, substance abuse and gender discrimination. But with Zamikhaya David Petshu, better known as Z Kid RSA, rap is about expressing how he grew up and teaching the youth about the do's in order to remain on the good path and not go astray.

Z Kid RSA , 23 years of age and living in Cape Town is a rapper. He has been doing this craft for a decade now, he began in High school where he met a friend whom he worked perfectly together with and has never looked back.

Rapping has never been more popular than it is today. With new aspiring rappers popping up everyday you may wonder what inspires them. Zamikhaya grew up listening to artists like 50 cents, 2 Pac, Lil Wayne and Pro Kid who drove him more into music.  Growing up he realized that dedication and hard work are the key qualities you need to succeed.

We all expect Family to be our number one supporters when it comes to what we want to do but that was not the case with Z Kid RSA. He believed in music and his parents believed in education. Alone he pushed himself to the limit until he got his break in 2010 when he met someone who helped him record and produce his songs. That gave him exposure. This proves true to what we always hear about you being your biggest motivator.

The road to success is no smooth one. Z Kid RSA has faced many challenges growing up and still faces challenges now but that has never made him want to quit. His family and his two daughters that he adores don't get to see him everyday and this is what drives him to continue with rap. He wants to make them proud and give them a better future.

Z Kid RSA has so far been getting a lot of airplay and has gained respect from other artists but that's not where it stops. Zamikhaya has goals and wants to receive awards for his work and we're the only people that can help him get there by supporting and listening to his music.

He is an inspirational young man that's goal driven and will stop at nothing to achieve those goals.