Blue Helix out to Empower with 'Anti-Bully Anthem'

Bullying, in whatever form is bad and should not be condoned, this is the message that the world continues to preach.

Musicians, being entertainers and opinion leaders at the same time, have a part to play in this fight. Rock band Blue Helix tackles bullying head-on in their song titled 'Anti-Social Butterfly', that was first released back in November 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Radio Rock 89.1 FM.

Through this particular track, the band wanted to put out a song that was the embodiment of inspiration, hope and strength.
The type of song that would make people feel empowered. As a kid and as an adult, lead singer Sami Chohfi has dealt with bullies. It was his mission to release a song and video that gives hope to those who have suffered from this epidemic.
 "I was bullied a lot as a kid, and I wanted to write a song that gave hope to others who suffer from being tormented or abused.
 "My father was the biggest bully I had ever met, but I am grateful for having him as a dad because it made me the person I am today", explained Sami, singer/songwriter/guitarist for Blue Helix.

For anyone listening to the song or watching the video, the message from the band is pretty clear - expect an unapologetic,truthful anti-bully anthem!
"I also feel that as Independent artists we are bullied in the music industry in many ways. This song was also a push back against what the industry has become today. The song is also for my musical brothers and sisters", he added.

The independent band from Puyallup, Washington has won multiple Music Video Awards for their songs "Aliens" and "Anti-Social Butterfly". Considering that they have no representation or management of any kind, their journey so far has been pretty remarkable.