Bouncing Betty keeps on Rocking

They've all come from different bands in and around the Stuttgart area to form an amazing ensemble of their own.
Christianed 'Bouncing Betty' a little over two years ago, the band has played some pretty decent concerts in Germany and in parts of Europe but Stephan, Tonio, Mirko, Luc and Kira feel that they still got a lot more to achieve, and rightly so!
"This is kind of cool, but we are yet to attain the success that we´d like to achieve so that is where our focus will be in the years to come - seeing how best we can take our brand further.
"We've all come from different Bands out of the region of Stuttgart. So, everyone made his experiences in the past. For example our Singer, Stephan Zuber, had a song in the German Billboards back in the 90s, which is a cool achievement. He toured the whole of Europe and rubbed shoulders with some of the best musicians on the planet. Our drummer also plays for a band called 'Venues' and right now they are pretty busy with releasing their first LP and planing the promotion. The other band members also made their mark with different projects earlier on in their careers so, as a collective, we have a lot of experience to call upon"

Bouncing Betty took us down memory lane to when one of their own joined the band and how that event unfolded.
"A real turning point for the band was the show on which we asked Kira, who is now our drummer, to help us out. Until then we had had issues in finding the perfect drummer. We knew how busy Kira was but we had a booking to fulfill and with our drummer having left the band, we had to find someone to help out because we had like 2 weeks to prepare a show of 45 minutes. We knew that would be a tough one and so we asked him to help us out.
"He settled in very quickly and we were on sync from the first moment. After the show we had a couple beers together and after 1,2,3...20 , not sure how many we had, he said he wanted to join the band!"

After a few shows, the rock band got signed by a label called Rockaine Records. The CEO, being a very good friend of theirs, helped the group in finding a studio and promoting their first EP "Pull the Plug". The Ep included 3 high energy rock songs that, according to the band totally represent the style of music they love to play.

A debut album is reportedly in the works and Bouncing Betty is leaving no stone unturned in making it a classic.
"Lately we´ve been working on some new songs for our debut album. The people who follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube will see some cool VLOG Trailer for it. Also, we will be hitting the studio in the coming days to record the new music"

Away from the debut album, the group is focused on growing its fanbase in and outside Germany.
"We'd like to do everything we can to consolidate our fanbase, here in Germany and abroad - that starts with promoting our EP and playing some really cool concerts along the way.
"We´re trying to make the world notice us! This is our number one task at the moment, one that we are sure will show dividents in the long-run"