Evelyn May Loves the Beauty of a Challenge

Just like most people who participate in reality shows nowadays, her stock naturally rose after she took part in Big Brother Africa 7 (also known as Big Brother Africa: StarGame!) back in 2012 but the beautiful Evelyn Maygilip is determined to not only put all that behind her but prove that she can scale even dizzier heights on her own.

As unique and eye-opening as the whole Big Brother experience was, she sees it as nothing more than a steppingstone to bigger things, and she hasn't done bad in that regard!
Urban Craft had a brief chat with Evelyn, who today is heavily involved in the music business where she is slowly but surely making a name for herself.
"Big brother was quite a while back hence in my future endeavours I prefer not to associate with the show. The experience was different, eye opening if you like. My future endeavours are, in a nutshell, to be one of Africa's highly sought out business managers", she said.

Known to those that know her well as Evelyn May on the Big brother stargame show, she concedes that the platform accorded her a solid footing in the entertainment industry but it's now up to her to take her brand to the next level.
The South African initially tried to launch a career as a singer but eventually realised that her role was behind the scenes, being the one making things happen.
"I tried being an artist but quickly realised that passion is not talent. I hung around the music 'corridors' instead and by God's grace I was offered a job in a record label as a marketing executive, later I shot up the ladder as president of that record label. I was priviledged enough to be mentored by one of Africa's greatest business managers, Tobi Sanni Daniel.
"This boosted my confidence immensely and motivated me to go full throttle with the expertise I had acquired. I currently manage a Nigerian artist by the name of Fulstop", said Maygilip.

Evelyn has accepted that challenges come with the terrain and is by now 'battle-hardened' and ready to overcome any obstacles that are thrown her way.
"The music cooperate world is challenging and sometimes draining and frustrating but hey, If it was easy everybody would be doing it.
"I love the challenge of taking a brand from 10 to 100. That''s my expertise and I'm a beast at implementing it to suit my work", she said.

We definitely look forward to hearing and reading more about the lovely Evelyn May as her journey in the entertainment business becomes more and more pronounced. She is, without a doubt, one of the names to look out for in the coming years and as such, Urban Craft will certainly be keeping tabs.