Henri Purnell Serves Up a Unique Blend of Music

Germany music producer and multi-instrumentalist, Henri Purnell whose music has become synonymous with the whistling sound is thrilled at the thought of blending his sound with more and more instruments. The Munich based dance/deep house producer, a master of the piano, saxophone, and lately the guitar is excited to be adding brass instruments and organs to his songs.

"Music has always been a big part of my life. It was in my early childhood that I started playing both the piano (at age 8) and the saxophone (at age 11). Nowadays I’m teaching myself the guitar, which is super fun too. By the time I was 12 I started composing my own pieces on the piano and continued writing my own songs with computer programs at the age of 18.
 "Currently, I am working with brass instruments and some organs to create some funky vibes. It perfectly fits with the whistle in my tracks. I think including these instruments to my music makes it even more interesting and mature. I got inspired by artists like Alle Farben & Kungs who are perfectly blending these funky vibes into the dance genre. My upcoming tracks will include several of these elements and I’m really looking forward to their release this summer!", he said.

 Henri wrote his first dance hit, "Damn Good Life", that went viral in Germany and several other countries back in 2016. He is currently making waves with a cover remix of “Feel it Still” a collaboration with the Revelries band that was released at the turn of the year is currently ranking at 3 million streams on Spotify and Apple music combined. The producer was also "super proud" to announce that "...after many releases we finally signed my latest track 'Someday' (in collaboration with the super talented singer Sander Nijbroek and co-producer Shoby) to Universal UK".

 For the multi-instrumentalist/producer, the recognition and acknowledgement that has come his way since he made his breakthrough makes it all the more worthwhile.
"Recently I heard one of my tracks in a little restaurant in the middle of the old village of Corfu City in Greece.
 "Seeing the reaction of fans, signing my first autographs and getting recognized by people who love my music is the best thing that could have happened to me. It makes me proud to see what we’ve already accomplished and makes me work even harder to reach more people with my music", he said.

 The 21 year old, who devotes his time to perfecting his skills on the piano and guitar, among other instruments is determined to be his own man, and that starts with putting out songs that he has wholly-produced from now on.
"Most of my working day is spent producing music and jamming on either the piano or the guitar. Meeting friends and seeing my family is also very important for me to compensate of all the music work. I’ve worked with so many talented music producers before and I love to work in collaborations. But I recognized, I want to start releasing tracks, which are only crafted and composed by myself. I can proudly announce that my next upcoming single has been produced by myself and will be out soon!", said Purnell.

Looking ahead, Henri said that he hoped to be in a position where he could do more live shows, collaborate with the best names in the industry and ultimately get more airplay.
"I think one of my goals is to start having more gigs to play my music out loud in front of people who might have not even heard my music before. Once in a while I have some gigs or parties where I play but I would love to have the opportunity to perform at festivals and more summer parties during the summer. I would also love to work with more super talented singers, making even more professional tunes in order to achieve gain more streams and airplay", he said.