Iymaani About to 'Let That Hurt Go'

Following the success of her latest single titled 'Ex B*tch, Brooklyn artist Iymaani has promised a follow-up single in the coming weeks!
Both singles are of course taken off her debut effort titled 'F*ckBoyHotel
"I'm working on my first project called #FuckBoyHotel and the first single off that project called Ex Bitch Ft Southside Smoke, has garnered quite the following and has been getting a lot of radio airplay on huge stations throughout middle GA and New York.
"Look out for my second single 'Let That Hurt Go' which is coming soon", she said.

Apart from promoting her upcoming single, the musician is focused on putting the final touches to her album. From thereon, she hopes she can be in a better position to attract the right labels and management teams.
"I'm currently working on my album #FuckBoyHotel which should be coming soon. I definitely want to become a well known musician throughout the states and also looking to be signed and managed by the best team possible", said Iymaani.

Being one of the few female artists doing their thing in this male-dominated industry,  Iymaani says that it was something that required 'thick skin' and that at the end of the day it was all about how you carry yourself.
"So far getting into this industry as a independent female artist .... All i can say is you have to have some tough skin and keep it professional ... remember business is business . Carry yourself as a brand", she said.

The singer is of the mind that it is necessary, as an artist, to find yourself first and she strongly believes she has herself all figured out now.
"I'm just an female artist from Brooklyn trying to be heard. MUSIC is my way of expressing myself and through my music I am able to share my life.
"I've been doing music for a while now, but this will be the first year I'm actually taking my talent serious, I had to really find myself as an artist first", she said.

Knowing that her music positively impacted somebody else's life is one of the reasons why she keeps making music.
"The turning point in my career was performing live at different show cases in Atlanta Ga, and I had a lot music industry people reach out and told me to keep at it, but once I started getting booked to perform , it hit me ... people actually like my music lol and to hear it's very relatable and it helped someone get through things, really touched my soul", said the Brooklyn native.