Jessie Frye : Putting in the Work

Described as "Texas' sultry pop princess" by Austin Culture Map, Jessie Frye is every bit of that and so much more!
The Texan beauty feels that every opportunity that has come her way thus far has helped shape, not only her career but her life as well.
"I think every opportunity helps you grow and every little thing you do matters. Performing for Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign in 2016 was a turning point in my career and my life as well as opening Edgefest a few years go", she said.

She has numerous awards to her name and has perfomed at some of the most recognized music platforms but for Jessie, this one particular performance stands out, head - and -shoulders above the rest.
"Performing for Bernie Sanders is probably the achievement I am most proud of. I have won Best Pop Act in the Dallas Observer Awards and the Denton Music Awards several times over the last few years. But I have got to give credit to the fans- I love them so much and they are the ones who make what I do possible", said Jessie.

The Texan pop princess was of course speaking to Urban Craft in the midst of promoting a brand new single.
"My latest single "Faded Memory" is a collaboration with synth-wave artist Timecop1983. I am a huge fan of his so writing with him was really fun and surreal",  said the singer.

While doing everything she can to get the latest single out, Jessie is also in the process of trying to put together an EP, one that she hopes will hit record stores in the near future
"I am running a PledgeMusic campaign to help raise funds to record my next EP. Fans can pre-order the EP and get exclusive items for pledging to the campaign.
"In the midst of that I am writing and performing. We have a show July 26 in Austin, TX at the Swan Dive at August 4 at Notsuoh in Houston, TX. The link to pre-order on PledgeMusic is:", she said.

Aside from the music, the pop singer is also a budding actress who is doing everything she can to establish her film career. For Jessie, it's all about commitment to one's goals and putting in the required hours of work .
"I've just been signed to an acting agency so I am excited to see how my music career and acting career merge. Touring and putting out great music that connects my fans is something very important to me.
"I just keep working hard. I don't take too much time to pat myself on the back or to rest. I just keep going!", said Frye.

Images courtesy of: Corey S. Bomar