JORGE POLITI Is Up for the Challenge

After having spent years moving from one band to another trying to find his footing in the music industry, Argentinian singer JORGE POLITI decided that his best chance of breaking through was to go it alone - pursue a solo career. "As a child I lived 10 years in Sicily (Italy) my father's land with my main influences in music being Elvis Presley, The Ramones and a little of Guns n Roses. I spent years jumbing from one band to another without luck or success so I decided to do this solo", said JORGE while talking to us from his base in South America. The musician points out that being able to put out an album, taking into consideration how hard it is to do so independently, was a step in the right direction. "A point of note in my career thus far was being able to record an album in 2016 (TODO EL TIEMPO) - a completely independent project, something that is very hard to do here without the support of a record label or even a manager", said POLITI. The Argentinian acknowledges that there's still a long way to go but he is ready and willing to work his way to the top. "I've managed to amass my own little following and though I'm still to make a living from my own art, which is music, I'm definitely going to keep working until it pays dividents", he said. That work includes rehearsing, working on new visuals for some of his songs (new and old) and promoting his sound through all available platforms. "I'm currently working on the making of a video for the second song of the album : YO TE PREGUNTO. I'm also rehearsing with a team of session musicians for the live shows and disclosing the songs of the disc through digital platforms such as youtube, spotify, itunes, dezzer, numberonemusic etc. "In the long term, I'd also like to be able to make more recordings and embark on a tour outside of Argentina with this musical project", said JORGE.