Lady and the Clowns : A wonderful Story Unfolds

Italian rock group, Lady and the Clowns is as unique and talented as the name itself might suggest - there's just a little something special about this musical outfit.

Urban Craft magazine had the honour of chatting with the band, albeit briefly, and they were more than happy to invite us into their world and retrace their steps in the music industry thus far and also where they intended to take their talents to next.

Top of their to-do list is a return to the stage but most important of all, to keep on experimenting with their sound. This is something that has always made the band standout from day one and that trend will surely continue.
"Right now, we are working on a mixture of sounds between hard rock and disco music, inspired by the 80s with a preponderant bass, catchy drums and a charming voice. The goal is to create simple music. Apart from that we are also planning on returning to the stage and playing more live performances from hereon"

The band describes itself as a "power trio with different musical influences" is no doubt still finding its footing in the industry with each new day but has definitely made sure that the rest of the industry takes notice.
"We started playing by chance and then for fun, or probably because we didn’t have nothing better to do.
"We are a power trio with different musical influences, we like hard rock, alternative and also disco music, so we try to melt all of this together in our songs.
"In addition we put on paper all our reflections because we have the necessity to transmit and comprehend our feelings first, and this comes before the idea to write songs for money"

The years in the industry have come 'part and parcel' with a little wisdom for the band, something that they are all to glad about.
"Being ble to understand that to be an original band means being humble and believing in your band mates’ friendship was a very important lesson. Experience taught us that the public is able to perceive this fundamental aspect, that goes beyond the genre of music you play on stage"

For Lady and the Clowns, what's most important is being able to have fun and also making sure that their fans are enjoying the music.
"We participated in a lot of contests, in each of them reaching the final. We really didn’t care to win, because the important thing was to have fun and let our fans have fun too"

In the last 24 months the group has been perfoming in and around Italy and have made it their mission to to try out new gigs all the time. Along the way, the trio has also managed to share the stage with a couple of Italy's recognized bands.
"Our career so far has been cemented by gigs all around the nation, we like to play in locals and discover every time new ones. During 2 years we had the pleasure of being the opening act for some of Italy's renowned bands, among them, Il Muro del Canto and Daiana Lou, we really had fun on all of those occasions"