Operation Neptune Spear Promises a 'Double Delight'

English rock band Operation Neptune Spear is hoping to squeeze in at least 2 EPs before the curtain comes down on 2018 The one piece rock band "from the bowels of the deepest darkest part of South Yorkshire" is on a mission to get people rocking but also get them thinking more. "Right now we are working on some new tracks (when we get a minute) and hoping to get out at least two new EP’s by the end of this year, we might even do a 'best of', lol. "We just want to spread our music and get people rocking out and thinking more, if any thing major comes of it then so be it" Operation Neptune Spear also highlighted how important the underground rock scene is while at the same time acknowledging the never-ending support for indie artists. "The journey has been interesting we have met some awesome people and heard some amazing unsigned bands, the underground rock scene is alive and buzzing! The support for indie musicians is amazing and via the power of the internet we are able to connect with fans all over he world" In recent times the band has made it to the Number 1 spot on the Rock charts for Sheffield on Reverbnation, something that for them "was pretty cool" and an acknowledgement of their talent and hardwork. There has also been favourable airplay from a few notable indie radio stations along the way. Apart from that, Operation Neptune Spear has done quite a number of collaborations to date including a 5 track EP with Replicant Theory called 'Reactor Zero - Eradication Protocol', a project that is indeed well worth checking out!