Ryan Doherty's Tale : A Strength of Character

Though he wouldn't go as far as classing himself as being "in the industry" just yet, Ryan Doherty is certainly not too far away from that status/goal.
The musician is at the moment fully-invested in growing his fanbase and at the same time trying to put together a debut album. "I'm working on building a solid fan base at the moment and growing support via my patreon channel https://www.patreon.com/RyanDoherty "I'm also writing songs for my new album, some of which you can hear as singles on my website www.ryandoherty-music.com", said Ryan. For Doherty, the ultimate goal is to "keep moving and grow professionally and musically", that is, after-all, one of the keys to success - always seeking to better one's self. "My immediate is to crowdfund to get me into a good place to have my album professionally mixed and mastered and get it out to the fan base. From there I hope to keep moving forward and grow professionally and musically", he said. Earlier on in his journey, an accident nearly ended Ryan's music career but thanks to The Almighty, he was able to gradually return to doing what he loves the most. "I'm from the Uk originally though I've lived in various countries across the EU over the last 15 years. I started playing guitar when I was 16 and although I was in a couple of bands I didn't really take it seriously. I didn't play at all for over 10 years after a bad car crash in which I crushed 4 vertebrae in my lower spine making it extremely uncomfortable to play", explained the musician. Having found his way back to making music again, Doherty has been able to showcase his versatility by experimenting with as many genres as he possibly can. "I picked it up again in 2012 and started taking it seriously and writing songs only in 2014. I play various genres, rock, ballads, blues, metal, whatever comes out depending on my mood", said the artist. The feedback from the market and especially the fans has been quite overwhelming for the musician. "I'm grassroots and self promoting so I guess the big milestone for me was hitting 100k followers on twitter which is where I pick up most of my fanbase. The feedback has been amazing to such an extent I'm slowly working on producing my first full commercial album of my own music. I wouldn't class myself as being "in the industry" just yet though", said Ryan, humbly. Coming back from a near career-ending injury is no doubt a sign of the musician's strength of character and resolve to follow his dreams. His story is an inspiration for us all, with the most important lesson being never to give up on what you believe in! We look forward to sharing more about Ryan Doherty as he makes his way in the musical world.