Tarmac Pays Homage to Rastafarian Culture

Colombian reggae band Tarmac is set to premiere a brand new video this coming week, one that, according to the group, pays homage to the 'fundamental beliefs and principles of the Rastafari culture'.

Titled 'WE GOT IT', the video will officially be unveiled to the world on the 10th of July.

"The track was inspired by our travel to Jamaica, we were highly motivated to create a song as homage to the fundamental beliefs and principles of the Rastafari culture by highlighting rootical elements such as nature, the nyahbinghi drums, the chaliz and the churchical clothes, among others", the group said.

The band believes that this is their best work yet and are excited to be able to share this video masterpiece with their fans and music lovers across the globe.

"For sure, this is one of our best audiovisual productions in terms of goals achieved indeed. Its producers understood well the concepts and got to transmit our demands through the video and satisfied our expectancies", said the band.

TARMAC is a Reggae band of conscious and critical reflective thinking, born in Colombia in 2005 influenced by Jamaican music and the Rastafari culture.  Throughout years, it's been positioned as one of the most progressive bands on the South American reggae scene.
Apart from showcasing their evolution as a band, the new video is a direct reflection of their bond to the culture, a bond that Tarmac hopes their listeners will also be able to share.
"They will realize our closeness and deep commitment to the African struggle and Rasta knowledge, as well as the big growth of the project and the artistic evolution of the group in relation to music production, composition and audiovisual production.
"Our fans can watch it, have a wider understanding of some cultural and philosophical elements and appreciate the natural rasta livity and spirituality of the Boboshanti order",  they said.

Tarmac has produced in the main studios from Jamaica such as Digital B and Tuff Gong International and collaborated with a number of international artists like Pablo Molina and Turbulence. The group has over the years also been a constant feature on recognized local and international festivals and in 2016 carried out successful tours in Europe and the U.S.A.

Back in 2010 TARMAC founded a cultural organization with a community perspective. The group is also promoting its new album "Mash Dem Down" that was nominated within the Top 10 Best Reggae Albums of the World by renowned European platform Reggaeville.com.

Link to the video: