The Revelries Test the Market with 'Infinitum'

With their latest release, a track titled Infinitum, Germany's Revelries band is testing the market and hoping to see just how much a song can go without the backing of a label.
"We just released Infinitum, our first completely independent release! It’s a chill house track with a catchy guitar line, a collaboration with vocalists The Beamish Boys. We’re receiving tons of support on it and really looking forward to seeing how far a track can go without label support. We have a few more tracks coming this year which have darker tones and I think that’s going to really be interesting for people who listen to Revelries"

One of their biggest accomplishments to date is the 'Feel It Still' cover/remix, a collaboration with fellow German brother, Henri Purnell. It has amassed well over 4 million plays across Spotify, Apple & YouTube and the band believe that it has no doubt given them a platform to continue rising as independent artists.
Apart from the Revelries project, Nik and the rest of the team also produce for a bunch of Pop singers and have also been mastering songs for some top tier artists since 2017.
"At the moment we’re concentrating on just churning out good music! We’re also keen to work with more songwriters and produce music for other artists. In the long term we plan to set up our own marketing company, that will serve indie artists - we want to finance them, give them PR support, distribute their music, help in branding and everything in between"

The childhood best friends both had a deep love for music since an early age and are just happy to here today doing what they are passionate about.
"We grew up together in U.A.E as childhood best friends and always had a love for music. Both of us also were geeks in the sense that we loved tech, so when audio production softwares started coming out we dived deep into that world. We love a variety of genres, and I think that can be heard in our sound. It’s kind of a cross over between house music, soft-rock and pop vocals. Something you can just chill and listen to or you could dance in a club to. 2017 is where we really started taking things seriously and some of our remixes did exceptionally well"

It has been one hell of a ride for the band so far and there are plenty of lessons for The Revelries to take away from the industry.
"About 2 years ago, we sat down and just thought can we make it in such a difficult industry? The music market is incredibly saturated, Mark Cuban said it’s the most difficult business in the world for a reason. We understood that we needed to operate as a business to succeed, we both love entrepreneurship so merging the passion of music with it seemed like an obvious move.
"I think we like the challenge of juggling our time between making music, graphic design, PR, social media marketing and all of that. It’s been one hell of a ride and you learn so much more than just music. I have a business degree now but university has taught me nothing compared to what I’ve learned in this industry"

LINK for Infinitum: