"The World Needs Love", Helena Del Pilar

Colombia's own musical darling, Helena Del Pilar, will seek to conquer the hearts of her English speaking fans with the release of a single titled "A Day That You Are Not With Me" - an adaptation of her earlier hit "Un Día Sin Ti".

The song will of course be available on all Digital Listening platforms from the 27th of July.
A Day That You Are Not With Me is the adaptation in English of the song "Un Día Sin Ti" - and was recorded in Bogotá Colombia, at HdP Productions (Helena del Pilar Productions) - the song tells the story of what it's like for a woman during the day while she is waiting for the return of her loved one.

Through this song, Del Pilar wants to also give her English-speaking audience something special, a song that will surely bring a lot of loved ones together. “Amo la gente que lucha por sus Sueños – y sueño conocer el mundo con mi música (I love people who fight for their dreams - and my wish is to know the world through my music)", said Helena.

This is one song that the singer herself identifies with and one that she hopes will warm the hearts of a lot of lovers out there.
"At this moment I am dedicated to promoting "A Day That You Are Not With Me" and with it, also improve my English and be able to win-over a lot of hearts.
"This love song is close to my heart, I also Identify with it and fortunately it has reached places/heights that I had never thought possible...... that's why today I decided to sing it in English", said the singer.

Helena grew up in the home of one of the pioneers of radio in the Department of La Guajira (Moisés Lorenzo Campo Loaiza) and won several song competitions such as: El Cactus of Gold, Festival of Youth Interpreters and Looking for Stars, among others.
 "I have always sung. I love music, and I love composing. This was my inclination since I was little. The world needs Love; and that's what I want to give with my music.
"It all started just like that: at a young age winning song festivals in Colombia, in different categories, and in different departments of my country. That made me pay attention to the music, and study it", said Del Pilar.

The native of La Guajira made her debut with the album "Con el Alma en la Piel", and in it sang 2 songs in Papiemento ( BonAire and Curacao) as a tribute to Aruba.
She also has 2 other albums, published and available on all digital platforms - "Mi Sueño" and "Hace Tiempo" - both successful, with very interesting lyrics, pop sounds and fusions with alternative rock.

Besides her love for music, the strikingly beautiful singer is also able to touch the lives of people in another way - she is after all a qualified lawyer.
"In my country (Colombia), music has never been a life option, so I was forced to study a traditional career; in my case, the Law. That has however not not affected my deep desire to make music", said Helena.

The pop/alternative rock singer is a lover of all the cultures of the world and has over the years dedicated songs to nations all over, such as Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States and of course, Colombia, where her music has quite the following.
"One of my short-term objectives is to travel and visit those countries where my music has been accepted, interact with the fans there and also explore new territories", she said.