URBAN LADIES CREW Bringing Quality & Innovation

URBAN LADIES CREW is an artistic urban dance project with an emphasis on dancehall, its members: Daniela Rivera (undergraduate student in Psychology and Pedagogy), Ivonne Rocha (undergraduate student in Performing Arts), Jenny Torres (undergraduate student in Community Education with emphasis on Human Rights), Carolina Nomesqui (publicist), met more than three years ago at the National Pedagogical University of Bogotá - Colombia, in the urban style workshop dictated at that time by the institution.
After a while they decided to join their destinies as dancers and create Urban Ladies Crew officially a year ago, during this time the group has participated in presentations in bars, parks, important stages in and around the city of Bogotá and music videos, with the support and management of current manager Karol Rivera. It is noteworthy that their choreographic pieces are an unprecedented creation of the group, which has characterized their style.
Moving forward, the four talented and beautiful young women hope to strengthen themselves more as a unit.
"As a crew we intend to strengthen ourselves more and more in our art in terms of quality and innovation, in the same way, we want to make an aesthetic and artistic difference, that is, to be recognized as a different brand within the medium of dancehall and urban styles"
While they go about establishing their brand locally, The Urban Ladies Crew also sees it being vital to also generate networks in the outside world and expand their horizons.
"We also dream that this project is sustainable in the medium and long term and with this that possibilities to generate networks in other countries are opened, so that by doing what we are passionate about we can expand our horizons as a group but also as individuals.
"In conclusion Urban Ladies crew is a dream that we enjoy every day without the desire to think in the end, we simply live here and now working towards a future together"

Follow the exploits of the Urban Ladies Crew:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crewurbanladies/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urbanladiescrew/
Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChJEF4_TLqTZ3ZM--i1G4fA