Enthuse Afrika, the organization behind the Vic Falls Party Bus have decided to sit-out their famous ride this year. The company which is focused on experiential, internet related ideas announced in an official statement their decision to ‘go back to the drawing board’ for its 2019 Edition.
The Vic Falls Party Bus is the biggest most unforgettable party on wheels experience to Vic Falls every December from Harare as well as Lusaka Zambia for the big new year’s party at the Vic Falls Carnival. The experience has run for two years and has since been a hit owing to its unique experience of live entertainment, structured itinerary and affordable pricing. Last year the experience sold out in both Zimbabwe and Lusaka.
The Vic Falls Party bus has become synonymous with the non-stop adrenaline fuelled, fun-filled and massively subscribed trip. In addition to boosting the accessibility of Domestic Travel, the Vic Falls Party Bus has entertained Tourists from the USA, Australia and South Africa. The experience has also attracted great support from brands such as DSTV, Zambezi, Rockshade Travel & Tours, Brands Africa, Zambezi House, Village Lodge, Hunters Cider (African Distilleries) to mention a handful.
Enthuse Afrika’s Managing Creative and Co-Founder - Stephanie Kapfunde spoke optimistically about the gap year, highlighting that this was certainly not the end for the party-on-wheels experience.
“It really is a bombshell to all our patrons, we know it’s disappointing, to say the least, but we have decided that although we’ve been at this successfully for two years we’d like to take 2018 out to work on how we can amplify the experience for our party lovers.”
In reference to the potential snatch of market share from rising competitors Stephanie was quick to brush it off.
“Hosting the Vic Falls Party Bus is definitely not as simple as it may seem, we trust our loyal party lovers to know the difference between the real deal and a black and white photocopy, besides, if your project has zero competition, you’re definitely in the wrong field.” Said the young businesswoman.
Although the Vic Falls Party Bus takes its hibernation this year, the Enthuse Afrika team which is known as ‘The Digital Storytellers’ still has a few cards up its sleeve.
“We’re halfway through the year and have definitely not run out of steam. We’re working with the nation’s home to the largest collection of Art and Artefacts, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe for #FirstFridays. We also have a big concert on the way at the most amazing location. Depending on how our partners feel, we might party over the Zambezi instead, as soon as that’s confirmed, you’ll be the first to know.” concluded the statement.

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