Alejandra Taborda Talks About the Beauty of Spreading Love

For this young lady, the goal is simple enough - and that is to spread love and tolerance. She is not after fame alone unless she can use it to make a difference in the world.
We are talking about gorgeous Colombian designer/actress Alejandra Taborda of course, whom we had the opportunity to chat to recently.
"I feel that I have learnt a lot and that everything I have done so far has been incredible! I want to cross borders, to travel the world, to know and experience new cultures. I hope to God that I can reach all corners of the world with messages of love and acceptance", she said.

Alejandra is just coming fresh from taking part in the city of Cali's Festival of Music of the Petronio Alvarez Pacific, a showcase of gastronomy, drinks, crafts, design and music of the Pacific where she had the chance to exhibit her own products during the 5 days of the festival.
"With my career as a fashion designer, as a woman, I want children and young people to have a reference to get out of their fears. This is what my collection is called 'Fears; a carnival of colors' and I made these mirrors as a work tool for children.
"About 2 years ago I met some teachers and they asked me to make a video inviting a student to love herself as she is. She is only 8 years old and said that God had cursed her with that skin color and hair. That's where my identity mirrors came from, where I put turbans, bows and earrings", she said.

The Colombian, whose beauty could easily have seen her doing wonders on the modelling runway if she so wished, has 4 productions to her name thus far and is positive of better fortunes to come.
"So far I have participated in 4 productions in my country; the first one was Celia (2015), where I played the 'guarachera de cuba' in her adolescent stage (production courtesy of Fox Telecolombia and sold internationally).
"The second production was La esclava Blanca (2016) where I played 'Rosita', an innocent domestic slave, the best friend of her master's daughter. It is the most beautiful 'peronaje' that I have done so far. It was amazing to receive feedback from places such as Poland, Russia, Africa, the United States, Canada and other countries for my performance in that film.
"Then in 2017 I was in You Will Not Forget my Name and the last production in which I was called No-one Takes Me Off the Dance. I go through different emotions as an actress I feel that I explore a lot and I got out of myself", narrated the actress/designer

These productions have helped put Alejandra's name on the map in as far as her acting is concerned but she said that if it had not been for her mom's insistence, we could have been talking about a whole different story right now.
"The funniest thing about all this is that I never imagined that Id be an actress! It gave me a scenic panic. My mom, being an actress, always took me to her castings and plays but when she started to force me I did not like her anymore. When she told me back in 2015 about the casting for Celia I did not think so I could do it. Looking back at that moment now, I am glad that I listened to my mother and made the right decision in casting for that role. It is the reason why I am here today and having achieved all that I have", she said.