AyTee and Mr. Rebel Join Forces on 'Sugar Sugar'

Cypress based rapper Arlington Taylor (AyTee) and fellow artist Mr. Rebel have joined forces to give us a potential chart-topper called 'Sugar Sugar', that was released earlier in the month, the 7th of August to be more specific.

According to Mr. Rebel, the single was inspired by real life events, something that he believes will make it relatable.
"Some parts, if not most parts, of the song are definitely inspired by real life events which is why the song is relatable", he said.

Arlington concurs with his compatriot in that assertion and recounts for us the events that led to the conception of this particular song.
"The song was inspired by the situations we were in at the time. We wrote the song around August 2017 and at the time I was out of a serious relationship. My verse was basically an expression of me wanting to get back with my ex at the time and how it, the 'break' was taking longer than usual. Of course I didnt end up back with her but Im happy I had those feelings out there and that they came out in the dopest form possible", he said.

Both the artists, who believe that justice was done in terms of the final product expect the fans and music lovers alike to be taken on an amazing experience when they listen to the track - a track that AyTee described as a blend of sounds like no other. Afro-pop, RnB, House and dance music all in one with an indigenous touch.
"I personally want the listeners and fans to take with them the importance of patience. Especially in relationships. Sometimes we rush ourselves into situations but pacing it is not a bad thing, but at the same time verifying where you stand in someones life is also important because you might be fighting a losing battle", he said.
"So many elements are involved. I would like people to take away the point that above everything else we were being us we werent trying to sound like anyone else and vibes do not lie when you hear the song its honest its catchy its fun", added Mr. Rebel.