Behind Tey Blondie's Smile

Ever wondered what was behind emerging afro-soul singer, Tey Blondie's beautiful smile? Well, her brand new single is sure to put your curiosity to rest.

Titled Behind My Smile, the tracks official date of release is the 20th of this month (August 2018)
"I wrote it when I was going through that phase of feeling quarantined by everyone, really...I felt like I was useless and no one really cared about me...I was lonely and tried to mingle with others but still felt left out and everything just seemed to be falling apart.
"I tried my best to compose myself and act like everything was okay because I felt like no-one could understand me even if I tried to express myself and just term what I was going through as me being dramatic and attention seeking and that would have inflicted more pain I'm I just smiled all the pain away and drowned in my sorrows alone",  explained the 19 year old.

The gifted vocalist strongly feels that the song speaks to her and will inevitably resonate with a few other teens out there who might have gone through (or are going through) a similar phase in their life. More than anything else, the singer is opening up and inviting the fans into her world.
"Through this new single, I hope my followers will get a rough of idea of who I really am, this a good opportunity for everyone to understand me just a little bit better", said Tey Blondie, as she is known to her followers.

Tendai, who describes herself as virtually a toddler in as far as the industry is concerned, fell in love with music when she was young and remembers singing in front of an audience for the very first time when she was just in the sixth grade.
"I was just 11 back then and the feeling of being on stage was just overwhelming, I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
"When I got to high school I found myself writing songs that I hid under my mattress ...then one of the days I sang for a few friends who spread word about my songs...then people came to me asking me to sing, they seemed to genuinely enjoy my music... and so ever since then it became a dream of mine to be an artist", said the Bulawayo-based musician.

For the Zimbabwean afro-soul singer who is under the management of George Moyo (filmmaker), this track signals the beginning of what she hopes will be a long and successful career in the industry and as such she promised to make more music from hereon.
Though still relatively new to the game, she is definitely one of those artists that youd want to keep an eye out for in the coming years- she is definitely a star in the making.