Bijoux by Gwendolyn : Craft At Its Finest!

She has managed to create some amazing "Bijoux" for boxing champ and 'Mr. Money' himself, Floyd Mayweather, actress Vivica Fox and, according to her, "a few talented Dallas Cowboys" but for Gwendolyn Santiago, each and every one of her clients is a 'celebrity' in their own right!
"If I am being honest, even though I have been blessed to create Bijoux for celebrities, I treat all of my clients like celebrities because they are to me. So every time I am able to create something personal and special for someone and see or hear about their 'Bijoux Experience'.. how beautiful they think it is, and how much they love it...those are the highlights of my career - each and every one of them", she said.

Some of her delicate masterpieces can of course be found at Anasa's Cultural Apparel and Boutique in Palm Springs, California. What started out as a mere 'pastime' for Santiago has grown into a business.
"Bijoux by Gwendolyn is a hobby that turned into a accident. The hobby started with making and sometimes selling my handmade jewelry. One day, I took a champagne flute and decorated it with a crystal lion charm and some other 'bling'. I posted it on Facebook with the caption something like 'For my Leos'. I will never forget, my Messenger blew up with all of these request for the glass. I remember thinking 'I only have one'.
"Fast forward, I started posting more of the glass work I was doing, bringing my glasses to 'pop-up shops' and getting more and more requests for personalized glasses. My business took on a life of it's own. It has expanded beyond the Bijoux Glasses to branding business in bling and more!", said Gwendolyn.

The 'Bijoux by Gwendolyn' owner credits 4 golden principles as being the reason behind the success of her company thus far, namely - client satisfaction, quality work, attention to detail and always making sure to exceed expectations - something she does with relative ease.

For her latest collection, she has drawn inspiration from early childhood cartoon characters that she herself grew up watching.
"I am currently working on a collection of Bijoux glasses that feature cartoon characters that I grew up watching as a child. Well, okay... and that I still watch today! So far I have completed Yogi Bear, Marvin the Martian, Snoopy and a few others. I am almost finished with the Pink Panther!", she said.

With everything that she has achieved so far, she certainly has a lot to look back on feel proud of and definitely a lot more to look forward to.
"I am very satisfied with the journey that I am on... failures and successes. Especially the failures. Let me explain... When I started, I expected to succeed (why else would I do it, right?), but the failures weren't. <Lol> Failing (more than once), learning from my mistakes, remembering why I love doing what I do, and taking chances have brought my biggest successes!
"I really don't have this one, big, ultimate goal. I am constantly learning, and growing...that I feel like I am always trying to achieve goals, some small and some larger. I celebrate them all!", said Santiago.

Gwendolyn continues to touch the world in so many other ways, one of those ways being a mentorship program for those suffering from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).
"On January 15, 2000, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), or Lupus for short. I share my experience of 'Living Strong' with this illness with others who are living with lupus and their families. I educate, mentor, and inspire others, living with this chronic illness, to live their best life.
"I provide support to their families as well because when a family member is diagnosed with Lupus, it's like the whole family is 'diagnosed' with it. There is so much for both the patient and the family to learn about their diagnosis, on a more personal level than what a doctor can tell them... this is where I feel that I am most helpful", said Gwendolyn.