C-Styles New Album, A Connection to his Youth...?

Our teens, though fun, are no doubt the most emotionally-volatile years of our lives given the fact that we have to deal with a lot of changes within and without.
No-one brings this point home more than US musician C-Styles through his latest album. Officially released on the 15th of July and titled "Life After 11/2/16", the project is surely your first class ticket to your teen years and will certainly help a few folks out there to reconnect with what it is like to be a young again.
"The project is based on a 17 year olds life after his father passes away right when the Cubs win the World Series. Being that Im from Chicago, that date meant a lot to me and fans all around being that it took the cubs 108 years to win the world series since their last one in 1908. So basically in one aspect, this is my life after that date and in the theme of the album it's a concept about the kid I fictionalized for the album.
"It deals with him becoming a man quickly, dealing with carrying the family, going through depression, a friend committing suicide, having a step parent, first love, etc. All the things a teenage boy would go through. Like I stated above, the subject matter is pretty deep where not only is it telling a story, the individual tracks are relatable and relevant to people's lives", explained the Brownsville, Texas musician.

Styles recollected how the 13 track album came together and gave us an idea of some of the players that were involved in the making of the project.
"I basically got anyone that was available on the go as I did the project. Inspiration hit quick and I worked fast. Unlike my previous projects where I worked with Lil flip, Tony Sunshine, Kirko Bangz etc, I got local artists from around my area that fit during the making of it. I have one rapper on it that goes by ItsMoosey, a great vocalist in Elvia Padron, another young vocalist by the name of Raul Lozano and additional vocals by King Ed.
"The project is a collaboration on the production side with Malakai 808 and some co-production by me. Koldy Kray did the all the mixing and additional production as well. The only song not produced by Malakai is Quiero Saber which is by J. Hendricks", said C-Styles

With a little over a month since the album came out, the musician said that the response from the listeners had so far been great and that he expected the youth of today and those youths at heart to connect more with the project.
"I hope people can make this project a soundtrack to their lives especially the youth of today. There really aren't that many albums out there that are made with love and relatable that 10-15 years from now they can look back and be like, 'yeah this album right here has a personal attachment to me while growing up'. So far the feedback has been genuinely strong with fans letting me know which songs hit them hard and enjoy listening to as it relates to their personal lives", said the artist who grew up in Chicago.

C-Styles feels blessed to have been holding his own in the industry since the turn of the century and has worked with quite a number of industry heavyweights from the past and present, among those being Lil Flip, Tony Sunshine, JBDK, Jerome Childers (former bad boy child star), Kirko Bangz.
The artist, who has shared the stage with some of the industrys finest and boasts of having performed in over 20 cities across the states believes that his 6th project is probably the best album he has put out since "The Fear of Success".