C4 Kaboom is Ready to Blow!

He started recording at the age of 15 while still in high school and has performed locally in Tampa and St. Petersburg at the Orpheum Theatre, St. Pete Theatre, and Daddy Kool Records at Home Grown Hip Hop Shows as part of the “Tampa Bay Dream Team”, under the stage names “Unstoppable Force” and “Mr. Phenomenal”.

Lately he is working under a new moniker though and prefers to be referred to simply as ‘C4 Kaboom’ and has 5 mixtapes to his name already, namely “Punchline Seasons 1, 2, 3”, “The Other Side of Perfect”, and “Smoke and Mirrors”.

Speaking to Urban Craft magazine, the rapper said that he was finishing up work on his new mixtape and is looking for innovative ways to enlarge upon his craft.
“The goal is representing my music on a variety of mainstream platforms, including radio stations, social media, and music licensing with a catalog representing the film industry. The other highlight is the tremendous amount of support from reputable DJs/Producers in the industry, radio stations, and fans. They tell me good things and they keep me grounded”, he said.

The artist believes that his music goes a long way in “providing inspiration to a variety of people…motivating them, and keeping them awakened to pursuing their dream” and is working on cultivating his social presence and also expanding brand.
“I’m working on cultivating my social media platforms and presence, so that I can expand my fan base.  I’m also very excited about my new project (album) scheduled to launch soon…new music! Those who follow my music are aware that no two sounds are alike, so I hope that those who have been supporting me will be pleased and satisfied with the outcome.
“I would like to align myself with the right network of people. I’d like to relocate to a setting more conducive to music industry networking opportunities so that I can branch out into live performances for starters. My music appears on most platforms, Sound Cloud, Shazam, Spotify, YouTube, and others” said C4 Kaboom.