Dallo Talks About The 'Goosebumps' and So Much More!

For Dallo, a producer/artist from Manchester in the UK, there is no better joy or honor than that which comes from giving his listeners goosebumps.
Being able to put out music that touches his audience on an emotional, mental and spiritual level is what keeps him going.
"To me the only accolade I ever seek is for someone to tell me that one of my tracks gave them goosebumps. There is no higher praise in my book. BBC Introducing have been really supportive of me and have played not only my solo material but also all four of the Black Marks singles to date - to hear my music being played on the radio felt like a huge personal achievement, I'll never forget the first time it happened", he said.
Dallo said that each and every one of his projects was unique and as such, there was always something to take away from each of them at the end of the day.
"For me, each project has taught me something new and taken me onwards. From the thrill of seeing my first single on iTunes and Spotify with Guerrica, to then seeing own solo tracks on there too. Black Marks is a larger project and it's been great to hear the response from critics, peers and fans.
"I've loved every step of the way, and realizing that you can do it all yourself now - whether it's recording on laptops, mastering the tracks, designing the artwork, self-releasing and promoting through social media. You don't need massive budgets any more to do it yourself. One of the great benefits of recent technological advances - being able to collaborate with people all over the world easily, and it's the part I love the most", said the producer.
If you were still wondering who Dallo was and just how far he had come in the industry - well, worry no more, the producer was more than happy to shed some light on that while speaking to Urban Craft magazine in an interview from his base in Manchester.
"I like loads of different styles of music so I don’t like to restrict myself, but to keep projects separate I release different styles under different artist names. My solo stuff, under Dallo, is EDM - and I do remixes for other artists under that name too; I've released four singles to date as Dallo. I'm also a member of a band called Guerrica and that was my first release, a dance track called "Summer People" a couple of years ago.
"For the last 12 months though I've branched out into downtempo with a group called Black Marks - alongside my friends and collaborators SeYSMIC, who's based in France, and Bek who's based in the US. Think Portishead or Massive Attack with a modern electronica and orchestral spin", said Dallo.
One other question we also directed at the producer/musician had to do with what he was preparing in the studio that we can look forward to hearing (or seeing) in the near future. "At the moment I'm busy working on finishing the Black Marks debut album. We're nearly there, only a couple of tracks to finalise now, and hope to release it around September. I'm immensely proud of what we've achieved with it. With so many albums that are released nowadays there are some killer singles but then so many filler tracks.
"We absolutely steered clear of that - for us every one of the ten tracks on the album has to be eligible to be a single in its own right - and I think we've achieved that. The whole project was about releasing quality - and although it's one year since the first release, it's been a full two years of writing to make sure we pick only the best to be included", he said.