De Bruces A Mi Seeks to Consolidate Sound

In just a matter of months time, Colombia's De Bruces A Mí will be celebrating 2 decades in the music industry, and what a milestone that will be for this amazing trio, but for now the band has other issues to attend to.
That of course is the promotion of their latest album, one that the group says goes a long way in consolidating their sound.
Founded in Medellin, Colombia back in 1999, the band has grown in stature over the years and is looking take their sound to the next level. With 5 albums to their name already and having toured and sampled their music to a global audience, playing in countries such as Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and we have played in Kenya, Africa.

"The name is a phrase that I dreamed when I was a child, and it means something like "in front of me", said Mauricio, in reference to the group's name.

He went on further to give us a brief, yet detailed, description of their latest project and below is how his narration went.
"Our new album is called Río A Mar and we released it this year. The name of the album is about that trip that the river makes from the mountain to get to the sea, we are from a city that is between mountains but we make music from the Caribbean.
"In this album we use water as an aesthetic element to talk about different themes in songs. It is an album in which we consolidate our sound that we call Reggae Mestizo, it sounds like mountain and coastline", he explained.

The 12 tracks on the album explore quite a number of topics such as love, lack of love, the socio-political issues and life in general and features the talents of fellow Colombian artist, Afaz Natural and Zareb, a Jamaican singer, to mention but a few.
It is the bands hope that the listeners will be able to take away something from the tracks on the album as they tackle a lot of relatable issues.
"At the end of the day, our hope is that the fans can identify with the songs and accompany them in their day to day", said Mauricio.