DENY JURLINA MLADEN Brings the 'Energy' On New Album

Croatian born drummer/singer/songwriter DENY JURLINA MLADEN has officially revealed details to his forthcoming album. Titled 'Energy 19'' and slated for release at the end of the end of summer, this is one album that Deny is hoping can live up to its title.
He says the title was inspired by his younger self and the boundless energy that he had at the time.
 "The 7 songs are a mixture of many genres and the album, as a whole, tells a story that is connected to my life and experience of singing and playing drums professionally for the past number of years", he said.

The genres that Deny mentions include jazz, funk, rock. The title song to the project, "Energy 19'' is already making waves on the scene and is currently sitting at number 28th on the REVERBNATION global charts.
With this brand new effort, the Finland based artist said that he was targeting the local market just as much as the international one - he is looking beyond that as well. "I'm not only targeting the local audience but an international as well - hoping I can garner enough airplay and support overseas.
"My focus will also be on teaching and composing music in the future with the goal being to inspire and encourage next generation", he said.

 Deny of course started playing drums as a little boy and was inpired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and made a name for himself through playing in clubs all around Europe, cruise ships included.

Apart from his own songs, him and his band played cover hits of some of the popular rock-pop groups of the 90s. They also opened up for a number of established artists/bands along the way as well like Johnny "Guitar" Watson and a couple of other famous singers from that era.