Exploring Music's Role in Society with Steve Robbins

There's so much more to music than just the entertainment aspect, music has the power to impact, not just the individual but society as a whole. At the end of the day, musicians -through their songs - have the power to make a difference in the world.
This is something that Thailand based musician Steve Robbins believes the younger generation of artists should also embrace.
"My ambitions are to inspire younger musicians to do as I do, To make a difference in the world with my music. I don’t try very hard to get a recording contract but would not refuse one. I am quite happy with what I do but the money would be nice. I must admit that the industry doesn’t impress me much, I am all about the music and the survival of nature in this modern world", said the Busker Dogs founder, who of course has made it his mission to advocate for the preservation of nature and protection of animals through his music.

For Steve, it's not always about the fame or fortune but how he can play his part in the betterment of society and the world around us - he is one man that actually 'walks the talk' - the various foundations that he is part of bear testament to that.
"I am involved with a foundation creating an animal shelter and re-homing service, also we deal with outreach to improve peoples quality of life and saving the environment. My involvement in the foundation has come about because of my music and deserves a mention. Playing music is not all about fame and fortune it is about inspiring others and doing something constructive with your life. I am also involved with the deafboyone project that brings music to the deaf", he said.

Robbins, whose sound varies (depending on his mood) from hard rock to folk because in his mind "music is music in all it’s forms" took us down memory lane to when Busker Dogs was conceptualized. He also took the same opportunity to announce that a 6th album was on the way.
"After I settled in Thailand I set up Busker Dogs. Busker dogs is what I would call and open band. Musicians drift in and out of my mission doing their bit then moving on, I am the only permanent musician so I guess you would call it a solo project. I set up Busker Dogs as a Charity to help the wildlife, street dogs and cats of Thailand. Hence the name Busker Dogs.
"So far it has done very well as an independent, I do everything from song writing to production. I have 5 albums out on all major retailers and a sixth on the way. I play music at Thailand’s Malls to raise Money for animal charities. I am currently working on my sixth album to be released at the end of the year and rehearsing a new set for my live shows", he said.

Prior to the Busker Dogs, Steve's progression as a musician is worth taking note of - it makes for quite an interesting read.
"I was inspired and motivated to play music at the age of 13 years old. All my friends were musicians or wannabees. This very competitive environment accelerated my growth as a musician and formed a sloid foundation for future projects.
My first band was a prog rock band called Stargazer. This was formed with my friends. We were all very amateur but we grew together, this formed a solid foundation for the future.
"I continued playing in bands with various line ups for years to no avail until I moved to Bristol and joined a band as a bass player called Clockwork Orange With Pete (deafboyone) Waller this was on the cusp of the punk and New romantic era and our music reflected this. We achieved a level of success and was reviewed many times by Simon Kinnersley The then main man for Indie music. We had radio plays of our first single. Rain on Sunday (B side was Golden Boys the first song I ever wrote) Things were going well until the band split after a couple of years, very sad", said the musician.

To this day, the Busker Dogs frontman still speaks of his formative years, from which he draws some of his fondest memories.
"I then joined a Travelling band Ygors Revenge, these were really crazy days, travelling from festival to festival playing powerful hypnotic trance music, Claim to fame is; We supported bands like Hawkwind, Here and now, Gong and many other festival travelling bands This is where I learnt to play infront of huge audiences. Fond memories of those days. Eventually the band split due to the death of our singer and keyboard player.
"After this I became a Busker I would go town to town, country to country busking on the streets and just taking pleasure from entertaining, travelling all over the world living a free life, hard but free. I believe this is what honed my song writing abilities I was so inspired by cultures and experiences", said Robbins.