Flagtwister ends 9-year Hiatus

UK artist, Flagtwister is hoping to put an end to his 9-year hiatus with the release of some brand new music in the coming months.
"I haven't released any music in 9 years, but I never stopped writing, resulting in a huge backlog of stuff to fine-tune / record / release / tour. In the short to medium term, I went into the studio in May this year, and laid down drum tracks for 3 songs with Steven our drummer (who I've known for 20 years). I also plan on releasing another electronic track, but that may yet get released separately from the rest due to it having greater pop sensibilities than the other 3 forthcoming tracks. In short, watch this space over the next 6 months. I'd also like to get into the commercial side a bit more with the overall aim of scoring for film / tv / games, but the songs come first.
"The hiatus of 9 years has left me with a lot of desire to get back into things, and start releasing all of my songs and compositions - which many of my close friends and family have been clamouring for me to do for a long time", he added.

In terms of his plans going forward, Flagtwister said that he had set his sights on a lot but at the same time could not resist the urge to share with us an anecdote from the past.
"I once drunkenly (and a bit embarrassingly) told comedian Doug Stanhope that 'I'm a moderately talented musician but I haven't achieved anything' and he kind of looked at me confused (but not unkindly) and said 'Well, erm, achievement doesn't really mean anything' I just nodded sloppily and asked for a picture with him. But he had just played a sold out show at Leicester Square Theatre so let's just say that 'to play a sold out at Leicester Square Theatre' can be an aim. Do they even put bands on? Well never mind, it's slightly poetic so it'll do", said the Brit.

The musician has been making music for well-over 2 decades now and is definitely looking forward to reviving his career after such a long stretch on the sidelines.
"I've been composing music / writing songs for the last 20 years and did a degree in music. Been in a few bands as a songwriter / guitarist, but often people's lack of willingness to sing lead me to being the vocalist for them as well. After a several years  playing shows in (including a couple memorable Academy 3 shows), I became a solo artist (playing, recording and producing everything except drums) and officially released the single 'Someone Else's Game' on Casket Records in 2009. The plan was to release an EP to my single in late 2010 / early 20 11. However, work, combined with life and its vagaries meant that I couldn't release the music I'd intended to", said Flagtwister.

"The single release on Casket Records in 2009 got solid feedback and radio play both here (the UK), Europe (primarily Belgium & Germany) particularly given the marketing budget of "zero". But almost every site page that reviewed it in 2009 is totally defunct now, so I might as well make it up and say it was featured on Rolling Stone's website, NME, Kerrang, Rocksound - all the big ones...(for clarity / honesty - it wasn't)", he added, lightheartedly

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