Gustav Legiste Teams Up with Valentine Alvares on 'STAY WITH ME'

Africa's uncrowned 'prince of afropop', Gustav Legiste is back yet at it again with an amazing new single that is sure to resonate with a lot of lovers out there.
This time he is accompanied by the incomparable and sultry songstress that is Valentine Alvares and the chemistry on the new single is undeniable - these two magical voices came together to give us what will arguably be one of the best duets of our time.

'Stay Wih Me' is the title to the new single and it will be released on the 25th of this month (August).

Gustav heaped praise on his 'partner in crime' so to speak and went as far as saying that he was a fan.
"After putting this track together I realized that a female voice was needed and who better to enlist for that than Valentine Alvares..?, she's got great vocal ability and I must say that I'm a fan", said Legiste.

Urban Craft magazine was privileged  enough to get to listen to this new single before it is officially released to the public and  we were left in awe!
The new single, 'Stay With Me' combines silky smooth vocals and a melodious instrumental to go with it - not forgetting the rich lyrical depth.

Gustav Legiste is one name that we are sure will be on the lips of everyone, not just on the African continent but beyond that as well, in the not too distant future - his 'hair raising' vocal ability and lyrical substance makes him one of a kind.
We look forward to watching this exceptional talent grow and reach its full potential. The talented young man seems convinced of his destiny as well and is definitely motivated to succeed at his passion.
"Where there’s no will, there’s no way. One of the best ways to improve your personal effectiveness is to master your motivation and If you can master motivation, you can deal with life’s setbacks, as well as inspire yourself to always find a way forward, and create new experiences for yourself, the youth, your fans and follow your growth", he said.

On a closing note, Gustav appealed to his hardcore fans to support the brand new single as it is a very special one, one that is certain to take the Gustav Legiste brand to the next level.
"A big thanks to everybody, our fans and followers. Keep on supporting us because without you there would be no us, we owe you our gratitude", he said.