Julie Grant Hits the Road

With their recently released 10-track album, 'It's Me But It's Us' doing relatively well for them on the market right now, British acoustic band Julie Grant is looking to finish the year on a high - and that means more and more shows in the coming months.

The band is of course named after British singer/songwriter, Julie Grant, who has been writing songs and singing since 1989 and also features the talents of fellow members Pete Collard and Kae Remmer on guitars/backing vocals.

Julie herself of course tasted success in the North Eastern part of England in the mid-nineties, performing regularly on television and doing live radio sessions for the BBC.
"Prior to writing my own material, I was a musician in other bands, but always wanted to write, record and perform my own stuff so the turning point in my career was when I began to do just that. I was voted Best Voice In The North by 3 independent magazines and Voted Newcastle's Finest Artist twice by two separate publications", said the artist.

The musician has also done live sessions for BBC Radio 4 and Radio 2 as well as live performances on BBC Television, ITV and Channel 4. All of the compositions were her own.

Apart from recording an upcoming project tilteld Marry Yourself and performing at the RoF Music Festival on 29 September, in Bishop Auckland, Durham, Grant and her band will be playing at Cobalt Studios in Newcastle on the 21st of October.
The musician's goal is to keep on growing in her own personal capacity as well as a band member- which will naturally feed into the larger collective.
"My immediate plans are to record as much as possible, and we are currently gigging to promote the album and single from it which is the first track, 'Drive Over Sometime'.
"My long term aim is to be a successful singer as part of a band. I am not a solo artist or a singer/songwriter", said Grant.