MOLLE Keeps On Grinding

For US producer/songwriter/artist Molly Cherryholmes aka MOLLE, "making music that challenges you, that inspires others, and that you believe in is the only way to truly make music".

It is that same conviction and strong work ethic that has resulted in her receiving up to 5 Grammy nominations over the years for her remarkable talents.
MOLLE, as she is affectionately known to her fans and counterparts looks on these nominations as great foundation on which to build upon going forward.
"I been blessed with 5 GRAMMY nominations for writing/arranging/being featured on a few records. It’s an amazing feeling to be honored by such a respected organization. I hope to continue being that lucky in the near future", she said.

The Los Angeles based producer/artist remembers picking up the violin at quite a young age but it was after a number of tours and interactions with other artists that she got more and more drawn towards the production side.
"I started out playing music from a young age, my first instrument was violin, and I ended up touring with multiple artists. With that experience, I became more and more drawn to the production side of things.
"I started working with a lot of people in Nashville, sitting in studios around the city, writing, producing, and just soaking in a lot of information. That’s where my personal love for creating music really started", said MOLLE.

With her career gradually taking shape and her undeniable talents gaining recognition - the opportunities weren't too far away......
"I feel very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in the past, working for others, but no one is going to work as hard for you as you do. And it’s too much work to just be doing it just because. There are a lot of challenges that come with that choice, but it feels great when you make a breakthrough. So far, I am riding on that high, and it feels great!",  said MOLLE.

Longevity is topic that is inescapable for anyone in this business and as such, the producer/artist shared her own thoughts on the matter.
Apart from her own music she's also had the honor of arranging orchestral music for multiple clients, as well as continuing to produce/write/collaborate with other artists/producers.
"I just want to keep grinding out and working on as much as humanly possible. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity, and look forward to working at it for as long as I can.
"I want everything I do to inspire others to not be afraid to dive in and truly live a life that accommodates a passion. It is a lot of work, but it is absolutely worth every minute", said Cherryholmes.

Those looking to get a taste of what exactly Molly is capable of will surely not be dissapointed as she is on verge of droppping something new onto the market very soon.
"I am actually getting ready to release a new collab soon that I am pretty excited about with LitaFire. Be sure to look for that in the next couple weeks. I am also currently in the studio, working on a project that will come out this fall", she said.