Play Delves into Women's Sexuality

         by Allistar Marunya

Dineo Mnyanga is a very multi talented lady who is a photographer and journalist, studied film and photography at Boston Media house. She also received training from the E Academy on Entertainment Business Management Skills and Administration Skills.

To top all that she also did Performing Arts at Winybrow Theatre, Aganaga Theatre Faces, Ubuhle be Qude, Glambition Production and Afrocentric Theatre Faces. She is the founder of Dineo’s Model Management a modelling agency that manages models,and is a Photoshoot Director and Creative Producer of prestigious pageants and fashion shows in South Africa. Dineo Myanga was born and raised in Tembisa where she grew her talents and got opportunities to photograph some huge events such as Kaya FM Afropolitan Lifestyle Experience, Black Like Me Hair Show, ABSA Soweto Festival, Five Roses Fashion, Nokia Cape Town Fashion Week and SA Fairlady Fashion Awards.

Having to have recently concluded her role as a Brand Manager responsible for the following key accounts:Makaziwe, Top Notch Events Management, Deejay Film Production ,Dineo gives young people opportunities to showcase their talents on her platforms to help them grow and live up to their dreams.

Currently she's working on a show that will be held in Tembisa South Africa at the Moses Molelekwa Center on the 23rd-25th of August 2018. The play Makaziwe touches on true life events of women who find themselves sleeping with other women because they are not being satisfied sexually by their husbands and discover their sexuality in the midst of heterosexual relationships. "In this production we explore how women understand each other and get to know the power they have for their sexual preferences" Dineo said.

She continues by saying that they are speaking directly to men on how to go deeper in fighting the issue of not fulfilling women's sexual desires and pleasure and convey the message to the community that women who find themselves comfortable in homosexual relationships should not be judged or treated differently cause of their sexual preference but are to be accepted the way they are.

She also said that she believes that women should start acting on their feelings and emotions and if they discover that they actually have intimate feelings for other women they should act on them and not be ashamed of the person they are because life is all about finding sensation in new discoveries.