Primorph Misses Being on Stage

For Wales, United Kingdom independent composer/ producer, Primorph, the goal is pretty simple, and that is to keep on doing what he is doing and excel at it!
"My goals are pretty much just to keep doing what I'm doing and to keep improving all the time. I'd love to be able to expand the reach of my music and have more people listen to it and hopefully enjoy it!
"Long term, I have been looking into putting a band together so that I can get back into playing live music again, which is the only downside to being a solo producer, I miss gigging", said the artist who is inspired by synthesis, sci-fi and 80s culture.

Having been involved in music since his teenage years, the musician, real name, Gareth, actually started out as a drummer in a number of rock bands but in recent years began to apply himself more in terms of song-writing and producing electronic music.
He has been working under the moniker 'Primorph' for about a year and a half now and is also a freelance composer and sound designer for video games as a "day job".
"As a freelance composer, my work got nominated for a Develop award for sound design. It was for the last VR horror game I worked on "Don't Knock Twice". As a one man audio team in a small indie studio I was really happy to be recognized amongst some stellar titles", said Gareth.

Though the musician said that he was still waiting for a turning point in his career, he had found each and every one of his interactions in the industry so far being a positive influence.
"I've worked really hard to build up a modest following over the last year and a half and since I am totally independent, it's a slow process. I love every minute of writing music for a living and I really take a lot from people enjoying what I release. Most of my interactions with the industry have been really positive ones, with bloggers, reviewers and radio DJs all being really supportive and helpful", he said.

With 2 EPs and a single full-album to his name so far, the composer/producer is looking forward to releasing more music in the coming decades - starting off with a brand new EP that is reportedly in the works as we speak.
"In terms of Primorph, I have only really worked alone on my own releases. I have now released 2 EPs and 1 full length album. I have had the privilege of remixing a few great artists, JJ Christie and Ethereal Delusions. I have also been included on a couple of compilations, one of which was pressed to vinyl which is pretty cool!
"As a game composer I work with a small indie company here in Wales called Wales Interactive, I have now been involved with four awesome game releases and the fifth is currently in the pipeline!", said Gareth.

Recognition in the game is slowly (but surely) coming for Primorph and the upcoming collaborations will go a long way in proving that.
"I'm currently working on some of my first collaborations with some very talented vocalists and developing some music for my next EP. I haven't set a release date yet, but you can follow me on social media or check my website to stay up to date on my releases and other news", he said.