Raquel Robelo's Pursuit of Growth

For any artist, it is all about growth - how you move from one particular stage in your career to another.

Raquel M. Robelo, who has been a model since she was just 13 years, is no exception! Born and raised in San Francisco CA but now living in San Jose CA, the model seems to have set her sights on yet another step that will guarantee growth.
"At the moment I’m pursuing a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts). Even though I already hold an AA and AS degree from West Valley College, as well as certificates in Criminal Justice, I’ve always wanted to pursue a degree in FX makeup (cinema makeup). "My hobbies include studying FX makeup, drawing, dance choreography, and in my free time I’m a freelance fashion model.
 "My hobbies are fierce passions for me, because I feel they expresses who I am as an aspiring artist. I feel I’ve come far in the industry now that my photos have been sold at art galleries, to clothing websites, but I am always looking for new opportunities and ways to grow", she said.

For Raquel, her journey has been one paved with life's lessons, a few of which she wil definitely carry with her as she moves forward in both her career and other future endeavors, that's for sure. "There was a period in my life where I had to stop modeling because my father did not approve of the modeling industry as a career choice for me, and I was also heavily involved in our church. I felt that both were strict and had a lasting impact on my decisions; but after a series of events that involved family conflict, self-reflection, and a personal journey in faith, I returned to my modeling career with a stronger ambition.
 "My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) supported my passion for modeling by joining me as my personal photographer. I feel that I’ve come a long way, and I’m proud of all the bumps and stumbles I’ve had on the road to where I am now; they’ve showed me that modeling isn’t always about what’s fun and easy, but what’s hard and worth it", said the model.

Fashion and modeling, to the Bay Area native is, "a liberating lifestyle" and one that she is "constantly changing".
"I’d say what I’m most proud of as an achievement is seeing how my work touches who I consider to be my fan base. I feel that my work in fashion is not just a job, but more of a liberating lifestyle that I’m constantly changing", she said.

Robelo has worked with a number of artists from the bay area, published photographers, and comedians. She was also fortunate enough to have had her work on display in art galleries, and she has sold her own prints as well. The model gave us a teaser into what she was working on at the moment and what we can look forward to seeing in the near future.
"Currently I’m collaborating with a company called “Norcalautosylez”. Soon I’ll be working with a rap artist from the Bay Area, and while I do have some other projects in the works, for the moment I’ve been asked to keep them private until further notice (which makes them both exciting and intriguing to me)", she said.

More than anything else the 27 year old just wants to inspire others who are also out there chasing their dreams. Apart from that, the beauty hopes to one day open her own clothing store and studio.
"My immediate goals are to inspire others, and to teach them to follow their dreams. I want aspiring artists and amateurs to discover their potential and self-confidence through fashion modeling and art, and to teach them how to be fearless in front of the camera.
 "I’d love to remind them that they’ve worked hard to get where they’re at, and that nobody could take that experience away from them, so why not make the most out of it. My long term goal is to open my own designer clothing store with a studio inside, and have our business open to people of all ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds", said Raquel.