Rowston Talks About 'Going The Distance'

Rowston is an MC/ hip-hop artist and lyricist that takes pride in each and every aspect of his craft and wants, more than anything else, for his music to transcend time.
Titled 'Going The Distance' his next mixtape definitely says a lot more about where the artist's mind is when it comes to his career.
"I'm working on a mixtape called 'Going The Distance', it's got a theme loosely based on the Rocky series, it's about going the distance in your journey, in my case musically and seeing it through no matter how many bumps in the road or obstacles there are during the process.
"I'm also featured on the Raskil mixtape Prelude To An Era, this is the first collective project and an introduction to us collectively, prelude in the sense before we start releasing our full projects more regularly.
"I'm also doing a song series called Tribute To An Era (title played off the mixtape) which is a tribute to the eras and artists in hip-hop that preceded us and paved the way. It's our way of paying respect and saying thank you to them, so I've got songs over beats of Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Boogie Down Productions, Public Enemy and many others", said Rowston.

Though he is still in the early stages of his career, the rapper has so far managed to establish himself through tracks like 'History' feat K-Rino, a song that he describes as being about some of his early influences and experiences in hip-hop.
Rowston said "It came from my own perspective as a fan then becoming an artist myself and working on my craft to releasing my music".
The other 'plug' tracks include 'Fire', 'Unforgettable', a tribute to some of the people within hip-hop culture that have passed away,
"I wanted to mention some people that aren't often mentioned too and let them know they are remembered and appreciated", wrote the musician.
To showcase his versatility, the hip-hop artist also made some noise through a remix to the love track 'Secure' feat Konphlicted & Katari.

The Raskil Records signee is grateful for all he has managed to do so far but remains hungrier for more success!
"I'm grateful to have the opportunity to be where I am thus far but theres still a lot I want to do and achieve. I want to fulfil what I feel is my destiny and make classic music that is timeless, that you can listen to 20 years down the line, not here today and gone tomorrow. I hope when people make the greatest lists of MCs I'll eventually be mentioned in them. I want to create a legacy with my music.
"I'm so embedded in what I do, so within the music I have a lot of songs with substance about important issues that try to have a positive impact, in terms of education, mentality or even just shedding light upon certain issues.
"As an individual for me it's just a case of having morals and trying to treat people in the right way and helping when possible", he said.

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