SARRA Debuts First Single from New Album

Singer/songwriter Sarah Sellers aka SARRA Musik couldn't be any more prouder in this moment in time.

She has just just released the first single to her brand new project, an album that has been three years in the making!
"I just finished my self-titled album SARRA and will be releasing the first single “Kerosene” August 3rd. I’ve been working on this project for the last 3 years and I couldn’t be more proud of what we created. I worked with some amazing people including Jay Stolar (STOLAR), Noise Club, and Josh Goode.
 "At first I thought it was going to be an EP but after writing almost 50 songs an album was the only thing that felt right. It’s a concept album from start to finish and is the most personal body of work I’ve ever created", said Sarah.

Ever since her appearance on famous talent show, American Idol, life has certainly not been the same for the musician - she has grown from strength to strength.
"I was on Season 10 of American Idol and because of that experience was able to collaborate with Yahoo Music for about 3 years, combining my two passions, food and music. I’ve opened for Monica, Paula Cole, and Rumer Willis and collaborated with some amazing musicians all over the world.
 "I’ve been fortunate to work with brands like Doritos, My Little Pony, and Maybelline. I also sang background vocals for the sync version of Cardi B’s “I Like It” off her latest album “Invasion of Privacy”, she said.

For SARRA, music is definitely something that runs in her blood and the singer goes even further to describe it as her 'first love'.
"I’ve been performing since I was 6 years old and writing since I was 12. I come from a very musical family so you could say it’s definitely in the blood. Music has always been my first love and the only thing I’ve wanted to do. I’ve experienced a lot of personal ups and downs with my music but I’m so excited for the future and all the work I’ve put into this new music", she said.

Having gone through a really tough phase at one particular time, the addition of a mentor and a co-writer a couple of years ago was just what her careeer needed.
"I met my mentor Cari Cole and co-writer Jay Stolar in 2015. I was coming off of a really difficult divorce and difficult transition period personally and artistically. Meeting the two of them completely transformed who I am as a woman and artist.
 "They really helped me connect with a part of myself that I had silenced for too long. Because of my experience working with them I found a voice and sound in my music that I’m really proud of", said Sellers.

The singer has set her sights on promoting her latest project in the coming months and also continuing to touch people through her music.
"I hope to continue to create music and reach people through my stories and experiences. Nothing makes me happier then getting a message from someone saying they’ve gone through the same thing and that they felt like my music was speaking to them directly. It gives me so much joy and purpose. I’m excited to push this new album out and start touring next year", said SARRA.

 -- Image Credits : Paxton Maroney