Scarlett Eugene Satisfied with the Progress so far

As humans, we are all constantly searching for ways in which we can impact the world in a positive way, US singer/songwriter, Scarlett Eugene is no exception!
"I've found that the easiest way to change the world nowadays, is to change your own. It is my belief that everything a person does changes something, somehow, somewhere. For example, if I am particularly unhappy one day, and unhappiness is all I put effort into expressing, then anyone I interact with will be affected, if even in a minuscule way; then anyone they interact with will be affected, again, even if in a minuscule way. These days I do my best to practice positivity and understanding within the path of whoever I encounter, so that my 'ripple' can be a positive one", said the musician, while speaking to Urban Craft magazine from her base in California.

The singer has made good money and a name for herself playing in the streets, and doing shows locally near her home in the East Bay and hopes to continue performing more regularly in years to come. She sees this current phase as one of reflection and one from which she will be able to spring from to greater things.
"I am in a phase of reflection and getting to the heart of my passion for writing and performing in its purest form. I will always pursue music as a career, but there are times it becomes a grind that tolls on all parts of a person's system. As for projects I've been a part of: just this year I played the Bliss Festival in Concord, CA, which was aimed at original artists. I am now streaming on MPG radio, and I am still so grateful to them for picking up one of my songs and deciding to play it. Other than that I was in a metal band a few years ago, and we played many shows in my area", she said.

Being able to learn how to produce her own music as well as teaching herself how to do other things that are directly linked to her music is something that the musician is most proud of.
"It also goes beyond words: how much I have learned from simply playing my songs in the streets. There are so many people in my community who want to connect and want their stories heard, so I love taking time out of my day to go play music around town and sit with people I don't know, in order to listen to them speak",she said.

In as far as her musical projects, she said she was taking her time in putting together something that would ultimately one be worthwhile when it hits the market.
"Currently I am working on a concept for a new album. I have several songs that will soon be ready for production but I want something full, so I will take my time. It will probably come out sometime next year! In the meantime I have put quite a few songs onto my soundcloud, and I am doing my best to nurture those so that they find their way into the world", she said.

Scarlett is satisfied with her abilities and where they are in this present moment. Having kicked off her music career when she was just 14, the singer has been working hard to achieve perfection but concedes that, more often than not, it is a "major battle of self-confidence all this time"
"There have been many burnouts and "fall-downs". However, I have nothing to be unsatisfied with in terms of where I am at this point, because I would be nowhere without music, and this has been proven to me many times. I am extremely grateful to all the people who listen to any of my songs, and I cannot thank them enough. There have been so many people who, without their support, I would not have kept going. So I thank them from the very bottom of my heart; I really do", said the 27 year old.