The Whatevermen Getting Back in the Studio

Canadian punk band, The Whatevermen exclusively revealed to Urban Craft magazine in a recent interview that work on a much anticipated upcoming EP would be commencing soon.

If the vibe we are getting from the outfit is anything to go by then the EP is definitely one of the projects to look forward to in the coming months.

Comprised of 4 very talented musicians, namely Matt, Evan, Dustyn and Dave, the band also has plans to get on the road and tour parts of Canada.
"We plan on getting in the studio soon to record a 5 song EP with plans to tour western Canada in November and head east after the new year. Keep an eye out for the EP it’s going to be killer! And if you get a chance to come out and see us live we’ll see you in the pit!"

Apart from the aforementioned, the group's focus remains the establishment of its brand and music, starting off in its own hometown. "Right now we’re solidifying our existence in the Winnipeg punk scene by playing shows and getting out and meeting the fans and musicians that make up this great music scene we have here"

Winnipeg, Manitoba holds a special in their hearts because that is where all the band members grew up and also where their band was founded. "As teens and early twenty somethings we all played in a variety of different bands but never the four of us as a unit. The Whatevermen was born out of boredom and turned into something we are all very proud of, playing our music our way and loving every minute of it. "At the beginning we started at the bottom as everyone does and within a few months put out a few tunes and started to gain a following, playing to consistently bigger crowds with some amazing Winnipeg bands our dedication picked up wanting to bring more music to fans screaming for more"

Since those formative years, the quartet has grown immensely and their stars continues to shine. With their emergence, the Winnipeg punk scene will surely never be the same again!
"In the past we’ve all put out music we’re proud of in bands known as Kill Iris, Strycht Nine Lives, Distraught and DV8 among many others but nothing like what we’ve been playing as The Whatevermen. "Matt and Evans vocal harmonies and back and forth style really stands out backed with fast riffs and tight rhythm section sets the tone for everything we do"