Valentine Alvares Takes Her Brand to the World

With her music gradually finding its way beyond her own country's boarders, Togolese singer Valentine Alvares is delighted to finally be making her mark.
"I feel like I'm at the beginning of my career and that I still have so much to learn and achieve. My music is starting to penetrate into the greater African continent and the world  it has been warmly-received in French-speaking countries like Mali and Senegal, to mention a few, it makes me very happy!
"I would like, like all artists, for my music and my lyrics to reach a global audience and above all, I dream of one day gracing some of the worlds biggest musical stages. I see myself in front of a huge audience, for a couple of memorable concerts where I manage to convey my messages, my emotion, and joy of living", she said.

Valentine began her sojourn into the music industry 4 years ago and released her debut album back in 2017, an album that introduced this gorgeous and talented woman to the nation of Togo and the continent.
"My debut (Music and words), was basically me announcing myself on the scene and Im happy to say that it did relatively well in that regard. Apart from that I have a number of singles and a dozen or so video that continue to push my brand further and further. I am a live music singer and I regularly perform on stage in Lomé where I share the stage with many fellow artists, aspiring and established", said the singer.

The Togolese is distinct, not only in her sound and style but everything else in-between and this is one of the things that makes her most proud.
"Although influence from other artists will clearly always exist, I am in a position where I can safely say that I create my own universe, my own atmosphere, without copying or imitating anyone, and that's what it's all about - something that I am most proud of",  she said.

Away from music, Alvares is a mum to a beautiful 1 year old boy called Lou Alvares, whom she adores and dedicates her time to.
"Being a professional and a mother at the same time, I have to balance my time accordingly between professional and personal obligations. I have to be there for my son as much as possible, otherwise the rest of my time is for music, writing songs, preparing concerts, studio recordings", she said.

Apart from lending her amazing vocal abilities to fellow Togolese star, Gustav Legistes hot new single Stay With Me, Valentine is putting together a future tours program.
"I am currently working on my 2019 live tour. Although I am continuing to write new titles, I am focusing on the live stage and the concerts that me and my band will be presenting across Africa and the world at large. I feel most alive when Im on stage, I like this direct relationship that I get to have with the audience and I think it's the best way to get the little stories I tell in my songs across", said Alvares.