VERTILIZAR Set to Drop Self-Titled Debut

This September Austrian band VERTILIZAR, is set to announce itself on the scene with the release of a debut self-titled 6 track EP. "Our Album, or better said our first EP is self titled and is coming out on Friday, 21st of September this year", said band member, Florian.

He went on to delve deeper into the album and giving an idea to their fans in as far as what to expect when the EP hits the market.
"The EP contains 6 songs in total (3 old + 3 new songs). We tried to sing about life and the problems it sometimes brings with it. Pain, love and hate. Things that mostly everybody experienced.
"It contains our 3 already released singles (Bleed, The End Is Near, Time) and 3 new songs. The EP will be available for digital download and streaming on all well-known platforms and also as a hard copy at our shows, starting in October this year.
 "It was very important for us as band, to give new found and already following fans the chance to get one of the limited 100 hard copies of our first EP. We also wanted to make our already released songs available on hard copy. Till now, we had only released online and digital", he said.

The 4 member group that is based in Upper Austria and has been playing together under the name 'Vertilizar' since October 2017 is no doubt amped about this project.
"The writing, arranging and recording of the songs we did completely on our own in our little home studio. For the final sound we found a very good partner, Erik Bay from Vienna. He did the reamping, mix&mastering for all our released singles and also for the upcoming EP. It is a pleasure for us to work with Erik. He has done such a great job for us so far and we are pretty sure, he will continue to do so in the future. So, thank you Erik for being a part of the Vertilizar family“, said Florian.

It is the band's hope that their fans and music lovers alike will be able to identify with each of the songs on the project as each of them carries a very special message.
"We hope the listeners and fans can identify with the songs and lyrics since most of the songs are about the life - it can be really be hard sometimes and from our own experiences, we know that music can help a lot through these times. I think everybody's got that one song that touches them in a special way", he said.

The band has up to now released 4 official music videos on Youtube, that were directed by Melanie Dobler from Hard’n’Heavy graphics.
Florian called her a "fixed part of the band" from the very beginning. The band also made special mention of one Pete Moore.
"We also have to mention our 'helping wizard' Pete Moore from EM Music Matters who found us randomly on Twitter. He saw great potential in our band and gave us the opportunity to work with him", said 1/4 of VERTILIZAR.

This is the link to the official teaser: