AJ Nelson Brings Substance Back to Hip-hop

Fans of Ghanaian musician AJ Nelson must be over the moon with news that the artist has yet another album on the way.
The rapper, described as a cross between Mode9 and Tupac is of course known for his thought-provoking and mind blowing lyrics, something that has made him a favourite of many since he made his debut back in 2006.

Aptly titled 'Africa Rise!' the 16 track album is set to be unleashed on the market this November, though a specific date is yet to be made official.
"The album talks about love, pain, sorrow, happiness, togetherness, greed, politics and our predicament as Africans and where we ought to go in the future.. Basically positive and negative!", said AJ Nelson while speaking to Urban Craft from his base in Accra, Ghana.

Given his track record with such hits as Dream, Faith, Innuendo and Power to the People, to mention but a few, his fans are as expectant as always of yet another jam-packed album.
"Once the album hits the market people should expect to hear great vibes, words that stimulate and at the same time rebuke! Substance in rap music which has been missing for so many years as far hip-hop in Africa is concerned!", he said.

The Dormaa Ahenkro born-and-bred musician is also hoping that each and every one of his listeners can, at the end of the day, be able to take a little something away from this album.
"I just hope for my fans to take away hope and greatness from this project! Because my music is always about them and for them!", said Nelson.