Allen & Douglas Making ‘All The Right Noises’

Every now and then Urban Craft magazine gets to meet up and chat with some exciting musicians from all over the globe.
This week we were fortunate enough to interview UK songwriting duo, Allen & Dave, who gave us an insight into their journey so far and what they were currently up to.

“We have been writing songs since our teens. Strumming, singing and writing away in old railway stations and under canal bridges we developed our sound, harmonies and song-craft as young men through hard work and trial and error. Nowadays after several hiatuses due to differing work and travel paths we practice and record regularly in a small bedroom studio in Birmingham UK.
“We currently work independently, releasing all our albums digitally via iTunes, deezer, Spotify and amazon etc. We also produce physical copies for those who wish to purchase them in said format. The turning point for us was the realization that we can be truly indie and produce the music and eclectic sound we want by keeping things in-house.
“We have utilized social media like twitter and Facebook to develop and maintain a core fan-base and several blogs have picked up on what we do and we see each review as a minor victory and step towards bigger and better things”, narrated the duo. 

With everybody in the industry trying hard to figure out the best way for one to make it or stay relevant, Allen and Douglas believe that it is all about keeping one’s feet on the ground and making sure to have fun while at it.
“We believe the trick is to keep your feet on the ground and enjoy the process, that way it's fun and pleasure and all other achievements are a welcome boost. With this ethos in mind our latest achievement is "WHEELS & PEOPLE" an eclectic indie album with splashes of folk and electronica. Having completed this album we aim to look into music publishing as it possesses strong ballads and torch songs which we are confident could be translated by other artistes”, they said.

The duo has over the years unleashed some wonderful musical projects onto the market, projects that went a long way in shaping their journey and sound.
“Our previous album "THE SPIDER & THE PHOENIX" was conceptual and charted a journey from depression to recovery. "CASINO GAMES" was ultimately indie with an electronic edge” Their earlier albums include "DRIFTWOOD", "THE VORTEX", "SEARCHING FOR THE CAGED GOD", "NEW SPIRITS AND OLD GHOSTS", "ALL THE RIGHT NOISES" and "THOUGHTS OF YESTERDAY" which are all available on digital platforms”, said Allen & Doug.

Twitter; @AllenDouglas68