Chrissy Sugar ; Defying All The Odds

First and foremost, she is a survivor!
Chrissy Sugar went from being a victim of domestic violence to defying all the odds by daring to live again, daring to find joy in her life again – she is today making a living out of her number one passion, modelling.
“I make my living through my modeling and video work and it has been very good to me thus far. I mostly shoot private content for my clientele. When I started out I knew nothing about the business and no one knew my name. Now so much has changed. I’ve been published, I sell my posters and videos, and I just started merchandising myself. I’m also now working with local rap artists and an award winning author doing some cross promotion”, she Chrissy

The alluring model recounted how the unfortunate events unfolded and how, at one point, she felt like she had lost it all…..
“I actually stopped modeling for years once I had my children. I was happily married and didn’t need to do it. That came to an end in January of last year. My husband hit my daughter and I, I lost my home, my job. I thought I lost everything. So one day I’m on the phone with my ex (he called from jail) and I was upset over how badly I was struggling. He actually suggested webcamming to me. It was easy money but I didn’t like the fact that the site made such a large profit off of me. So I took matters into my own hands and started doing more shoots and now here I am”, said the model.

Even though she acknowledges how hard it is to make it, especially as a single mum, Chrissy is happy that she took that all-important first step.
“I never thought I could actually make a successful living basically off of Instagram and Snapchat but here I am doing it. It’s hard as a single mom with no financial help from anyone to survive and here I am surviving.
“I’ve done some modeling for some start up clothing companies across the US. And recently just traveled to Colorado to shoot with Delicious Dolls Magazine. It was so much fun and I’m so glad I went”, she said.

Apart from doing a promotion for author Christian Cipollini for his book “Lucky Luciano: Mysterious Tales of A Gangland Legend”and featuring in an upcoming edition of Delicious Dolls Magazine, the sexy model is also writing a book on her journey from being a victim of domestic violence to a survivor.
“My immediate goal is to grow my online following. Back when I started modeling Instagram and Snapchat didn’t exist. Neither did Facebook. Most of my clientele comes from an older generation who doesn’t use social media. Long term, I would love to expand on my genres of modeling. Travel more and buy my home for my babies. I’d also like to finish writing my book by Christmas”, said the single mum of two”, said Chrissy.