GHETTO MACHETE Hits Theatres In March 2019

                       NASHA DEE LOOSEYIA


After *Morgan* gets transferred to Nairobi as the head of Secret Agents, department of Crime investigation, he falls in love with *Caroline*, a singer and a stripper who entertains at one of the underground clubs in city. Caroline doesn’t really like what she does but she doesn't have an alternative to pay her mother's bills. *Catriona*, a mother of two   *Caroline*   and *Cornelia* is in her late 40s and suffers from heart disease.
Caroline later introduces Morgan to her Music friends who traffic hard drugs and are involved in other murder, corruption and rape crimes not knowing Morgan is a Secret Agent.
Trouble kicks in when Cooper, a built rich gang leader, who apparently is the employer of Caroline, finds out Caroline is in love with a Secret Agent and brings her to the club.
Morgan as well is practically using Caroline to find out what transpires in these clubs and how crime commodities and illigel drugs are distributed with the Ghettos.
Caroline signs off from the job and is later kidnapped by her own brother Cornelia who works for the most feared Chang led by Cooper. Things take a turn for the worst when cooper introduces Cornelia, he blood brother, as one of his secret Gang members.
Morgan learns about this and sets up troops to start invading all streets in the ghettos where these illegal business and crimes take place.
Cooper murders Caroline's mother, Catroina which forces Cornelia to betray the gang and work in hand with the police department to Sweep out the gang.
Both Cornelia and Caroline have secrets about the gang led by cooper, and now Caroline fights back in need to fight for her dead mother.
Morgan and Cornelia suddenly disappear, no one knowing where they went. Caroline is left to face the gang.

Ghetto Machete is a true story adapted and developed by Martin Aggrey, a Kenyan content developer.
“Through the assistance of an amazing research team of 5, Nasha Dee, Priscilla Oketch (karee), Martha Morshy, Jane Gee and Mercy Shee, we developed a script that could depict what goes around the city in the night and depicts how ghetto lives are”, said Martin.
According to the film director, this movie will explore a wide range of themes/topics, among those being Justice, Vengeance, Friendship, Security, Love, Fate, corruption, Rape, Murder, Drug trafficking, Robbery and kidnapping.
“Basically I need this movie to connect with the audience. I know a lot of people who normally ask, how do these things operate or like why do people do drugs, why are some ladies strippers? I get a lot of such questions. I always give them one answer, I am going to do a movie soon with all these topics. I want the audience to first understand life in the ghetto. Secondly, people have the mentality that ghettos are so insecure and very risky. I want to do away with this and show them what people believe and what really happens. I want the audience to learn that not everyone who gets involved with crime is a criminal, not everyone who stays in the ghetto is a criminal, and most of these guys are so good. I want my audience to learn that one can do a job not because they love the job but because they have no other alternative (depicted from Caroline in her work as a club dancer to pay her mother’s bills).
“I hope Kenyans will love it and the trailer is coming out soon, so watch out for it. I'd also want to make a call out to production companies in Kenya, let’s come together, work as a team and take the Kenyan film industry to another level. Ghetto Machete will speak more about the level that I am talking about.
“I would also love the audience to understand how to solve situations in different scenarios, be it a kidnapping or corruption. This movie will help the audience develop skills towards fast, skilful reactions on urgent occurrences”, said Aggrey.