Lindi Marc Steps Up Preparations for Album Launch

Preparations for gospel singer Lindi Marc’s second album are at an advanced stage, the musician said this while speaking to us from her base in South Africa.
The singer sees this upcoming album, which is set to be launched on the 9th of November, as a perfect opportunity for her to introduce herself to her SA fans.
“The preparation of the album has been ok. We actually have a tour that is going on at the present moment in most parts of South Africa and churches to create awareness and send out invitations, the reception has been overwhelming!
“The new album is another way of also introducing myself to my South African fans musically. A lot of them listen to my music, watch my videos on tv, so I just want to give them a full taste of Lindi Marc’s music through this project”, said the singer. 

Marc is pulling out all stops to make the launch of her album as epic as possible! The event is expected to be graced by industry stakeholders, government officials and the private sector as well.
“The launch will be attended by the big guns in the South African music industry and stake holders including government official and private investors who have all shown interest in partnering with my brand. Musically, the album will be variety of songs I put together to appease the listening tastes of a wide-variety of fans, from SA to Zimbabwe and Nigeria etc, as you know South Africa has lot of nationalities so this album will have something for everyone”, said Lindi.

Some of the standout tracks on the album include ‘Faithfulness’, a track that features Madam Boss (currently playing on Soweto Tv and Zbc tv), ‘Uthando’ (featuring Khulekani Chilli) and so many other potential hits.

Marc believes that her forthcoming album, will pick up from where her debut effort left off. She sees it as huge step-up, one that will definitely open-up more doors for her in the industry.
“My debut album took me places, it was my introduction to the music industry and a whole lot more but I believe that the new album will be in a class of its own: flavored with music that will satisfy every Christian and non-Christian, no matter the language or tribe.
“Basically, my previous album was a learning curve but on this new one a lot of things are done classically and professionally, it will be recorded in my husband’s brand new studio at Double MC Productions and he will solely supervise the production from start to finish so the album is a super one indeed”, she said.

Apart from the album, the singer will also be taking her talents to the small screen courtesy of a brand new TV series that will also be launched soon.
“It will be a Tv program about forgiveness, it’s still at the early stage though but it’s going well: you know most people wrong their family or friends or colleagues and then find it difficult to approach them and ask for forgiveness or mercy, that’s where I come in, I will basically be helping people get over their fear and ask for forgiveness from those that they would have wronged. I prefer to keep more details of the show secret for now because it is a huge project on its own and we will let the media know about that when the time is right”, said Marc.

Lindi only made her debut last year November and what a whirlwind 9 months journey it has been for the gospel singer so far. 
She has held some standout shows in Bulawayo, Chitungwiza (twice), Harare, Johannesburg and Pretoria, to mention but a few.